HMM Day 24 – Wyrmwood Road of the Dead

You know what determines what kind of person you are? The ability to maintain calm in a terrible and stressful event. Right now as I type this post into my wordpress app on my phone, I am sitting on the west bound 528 highway in Orlando. My cars transmission has blown and I am sitting on the medium in what might be one of the busiest part of this stretch of transit.

My he’ll spot

Don’t worry, I’ve called the roadside assistance and the tow is coming. But the guy is forty five minutes away! So I have forty five minutes to just either wait for the tow or wait for some car to come by and take me out. What a better place and time to write an entry for my horror movie marathon!

Do you have any idea how insane it is to be stuck on a highway with a dead car? There’s no place to go and it’s like the eyes of the world are staring at you. Everyone driving by is saying “wouldn’t want to be that guy!” or “look at that asshole.” It pisses you off because you were that guy just yesterday. Now the tables have turned.

No but seriously this is crazy! Every car that passes sends a gush of wind that jerks my car around like a fat underbelly. I feel like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz stuck in my house while a tornado kicks the shit out of me. I keep looking in the rear view mirror at each approaching car because I know at any minute one could end my life by donkey punching me with their vehicle of doom! That’s all I need, getting clipped from behind on a highway because some guy was checking his fantasy football roster while driving and swerved a little to the left. It’s amazing how you can be in a situation where you are inches away from death that happen by a simple swerve of a stirring wheel on one drivers car.

But then again, it could be worse. Instead of hundreds of cars passing at seventy five miles an hour just inches from my car, it could be something like the zombie apocalypse! There could be brain eating zombies out there just waiting to crack the egg shell of my small broken down car and devour me like I was the creamy goodness in a cadberry cream egg. Which got me thinking while I wait for my tow truck. I really love the movie Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead! But before we get into this I need to take a brake cause the tow guy is here! So watch this trailer!

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is a 2014 zombie film directed by Australian director Kiah Roache-Turner and stars Bianca Bradey, Jay Gallagher, Leon Churchill and Catherine Terracini. The film garnered its praise from small film festivals with mostly positive reviews from critics.


As the zombie apocalypse ravages through Australia a lone survivor named Barry makes his way through the zombie infested outback in search of his sister Brooke. As his search for Brooke draws closer Barry and his friends discover that there is more than just flesh eating dead heads to worry about.

If you’re like me then you that means a couple things. One is that you like bacon. The second is that you often get tired of the same old mundane zombie film. The third is that you would kill for something new and the fourth is that You wish George Miller would live forever and make more Mad Max films. With that said, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is the perfect shot of adrenaline fueled zombie insanity you’re looking for. Think of Mad Max having a love child with Crocodile Dundee but being born with a craving for human flesh!

What is it about Australians that make them so cool? The women are gorgeous and the dudes aren’t douchebags that seem like they won’t talk down to you? Also they make some pretty good horror films especially in recent years. If my friends from the land of awesomeness can keep making kick ass horror like this then by all means keep it up!

Wyrmood: Road of the Dead is a film that takes the typical boring zombie scenario and gives a mouthful of flavor. Imagine going to get a new car like I am doing right now. No seriously I am!

I’m getting a new car right now and it feels great! But imagine going to get a new car and while getting the car, you have certain expectations and they’re kind of standard. The car drives fast and it comes with Bluetooth and all the other junk. But then the car you get comes with more awesome shit! Like some awesome dash with blind spot check on your side mirrors. Also the stirring wheel is heated and… oh my gosh so is the seat! Your ass feels like melted butter in this thing! Well, that’s Wyrmwood! You think you’re getting a story where some ass hole is looking for his whore wife, stupid kid and boring group of friends filled in with storyline that never goes anywhere and leaves you feeling the same as the first minute you watched it, but no. Wyrmwood is a fun movie full of gut wrenching gore that can make any evil dead fan feel right at home. But it’s filled with hilarious heart and friendship with our main trio of friends that seem to take the entire chaotic zombie apocalypse with a more lighter hearted demeanor. I might be as bold to say the way an Australian would handle it.

What I love about this film is it takes a creative and very mad max feel to the entire scenario. Little things like engineering cars to be fueled by zombie blood makes for an interesting dilemma for our characters. Then with one character being tortured by a mad government scientist sets the stage for a bonkers scenario that I’ve never seen in a zombie film.

In the end Wyrmood: Road of the Dead is one of my favorite zombie films. The tone of the film is fast paced and crazy but at times has moments that will make you laugh and feel closer to your characters. I fully encourage everyone to give this movie a try and thanks for reading day twenty four of horror movie marathon 2019!

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