HMM Day 17 – The Crazies

You know what Hollywood hasn’t figured out? That remakes are generally a bad idea, especially with horror films. What is it that makes horror remakes so bad? Could be it be that the films they’re trying to recreate are special films. Made in a particular time period that reflected social fears and norms? What was once something everyone was afraid of isn’t the same as it is today? I guess this could explain why monster films and the Universal Pictures “Dark Universe” didn’t pick off the ground. Or could it be that the original film is so good and we can’t accept a change or alternate style? It would be like some dildo trying to remake the Sistine Chapel or how the XFL or AAF failed miserably. Why try to remake something that is already so awesome?

Often times, people should truly ask if “they should” before they actually start. I think of the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. It was a total bomb. The movie sucked and it wasn’t because of an all female cast! The story sucked and the characters weren’t interesting. It wasn’t even a funny movie. The most we got were a bunch of people on a screen being told to be funny… Wait, I don’t want to get into the details. But 2016’s Ghostbusters represents something big. That the original Ghostbusters film was like catching lightning in a bottle. Something that seldom happens with many films. Trying to remake a movie that is absolutely one of the best greatest comedy/fantasy films of all time is just not going to happen. The movie was dead in the water before they even began shooting.

But 2016’s Ghostbusters isn’t alone. 2009’s Friday The 13th, 2010’s Nightmare On Elm Street and even this years Child’s Play are all terrible films that fail to captivate what made the originals so nice. Did you see the 2008 Day of The Dead remake? Talk about a shit stain on the zombie genre!

Then again, we could be just a bunch of fan boys that have our heads so far up our asses that we can’t appreciate new things? But then again, those remakes probably just suck and are annoying money grabs in a society that obviously fails to come up with anything new. To be honest, I’m not against remakes. I actually loved Zack Snyder’s Dawn of The Dead remake, which is crazy because Snyder is a shit for brains director. I also love 1982’s The Thing by John Carpenter and 1986’s The Fly. But those are remakes of movies that weren’t necessarily the most well known of franchises. Which is why I think 2010’s is such an awesome movie!

The Crazies

The Crazies is a 2010 film directed by Breck Eisner and stars Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell and Joe Anderson. It is a remake of George A. Romero’s 1973 film and was shot in central Georgia and Iowa. Many of the local town shots were done in Georgia and many farmland shots in Iowa. The film received positive reviews and praised for being an “unusually” good remake.


In a small town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa strange things start to happen to the locals. One by one citizens begin to display unusual and violent behaviors. The local town sheriff begins to notice a chain of events and soon discovers that a military virus has been accidentally released. David and his family must survive both the infected people and invading military forces.

This Was A Remake?

I don’t think many people really think of The Crazies as much as they should. Hell, I doubt many people even knew this was a remake and that the original was a Romero picture. But in recent years, I have come to truly love this film and believe it is one of the best horror remakes of all time.

Small Town Securities

What I love about The Crazies is it plays on the small town securities and completely dismantles the idea of safety and community. You see this in pretty much every Stephen King story because it hits close to home. Most of us come from small town living and completely understand the idea of what kind of culture that entails. This terrible bio-engineered virus is dumped on a peaceful community. Which then opens up pandora’s box in the worst way. A man burns his family to death and people begin slaughtering each other that were once friends and neighbors.

Your Town

Imagine your childhood town going to complete shit. Everyone you claim to be close to all of a sudden trying to kill each other. Absolute chaos and terror. It kind of tears down the walls of our preconceived notion that “nothing bad will ever happen here” or “this town is pure.” We have a Rockwellian all-American town with all-American people becoming hordes of killing zombies. That kind of stuff only happens to the sinners in the cities! Not in my small town of Buttlovianville, Iowa! We see how a simple society can crumble. Even when David has to shoot a friend of his at a baseball game, everyone reacts in pure terror and awe. The entire idea of the peaceful ideal American town is shattered in this moment and it only gets worse from there. Even those that aren’t infected turn out to be a threat as well!

Government Not Our Friend

Soon the military comes in and even then the idea of a small town having an outside government that cares for them is completely shattered. The military are there to not help but to stop the virus from spreading. This means killing anyone deemed a carrier or informant to the outside world. The government turns out to be a much worse threat than do the violent infected. That is why I love this movie! You go in with this amazingly loving town that is unified and something so terrible throws it into the brush fire!

Not All Remakes Suck

I absolutely love this movie and you know what, it gives me hope that not all remakes can suck balls! The film is insanely nail biting. The infected townspeople look absolutely amazing and I applaud the work they did with the makeup. Certain scenes are completely brutal and scary and will keep you on edge. Unlike 28 Days Later or the run of the mill zombie horde; these infected are thoughtful killers. They know how to use guns and actually seem to get creative with their methods of murder. The acting is spot on and the tone is a good transition from peaceful loving community to slasher film set in the most disturbing atmosphere. So watch The Crazies! It’s a blast of a movie and will make you quiver next time you go to your towns local community fall festival! Thanks for reading day seventeen of Horror Movie Marathon!

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