HMM Day 14 – The Mutilator

I think it’s very clear that most parents love their children. Even those that don’t have children of their own would in fact be good parents and love them unconditionally. Being a parent can be a tough thing. It requires a great deal of patience and tolerance. I look back at my days of being a kid and wonder how I even made it through. Not from my own personal mistakes but just from my parents not killing me! But my parents were (and still are good people). Even through all the garbage fads I was into like MC Hammer parachute pants and ska music, they always seemed to be good and loving folks.

But what if you did something bad. Something so bad that it effected your parent to the core. To the point that they want you dead?

The Mutiliator originally titled Fall Break is a 1984 slasher film co-directed by Buddy Cooper and John Douglass. It stars Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Rogers and Jack Chatham. The movie received mostly negative reviews though through the years has gained a status of an unknown slasher film.


The film begins as a young Ed Jr. is cleaning his fathers rifle. The gun accidentally goes off and kills his mother. Years later and Ed Jr. and his friends go to spend fall break at his fathers beach house. There, an unraveling of murder begins as this group of fall breakers must survive.

Slashers Were King

If there is one thing about bronze age 80’s horror that is clear, it is that slasher movies were the dominant genre of the age. There were so many of these kinds of movies for nearly ten years! that it eventually over stayed its welcome and tanked. Which is very common with most genres of film. There’s only so much a culture can hear the same story over and over again. Unfortunately this was bad for the early 90’s slasher films like Dr. Giggles and Candyman, two films that I think are quite good slasher films.

I’m normally not the biggest slasher movie fan, but once in a while I find one that I can appreciate. Also, in recent years. Movies like Cabin In The Woods and Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon has made me appreciate the genre much more. Also, I’ve been playing some Dead by Daylight on my Nintendo Switch. So I have slasher movie cravings all the time. The idea that every slasher film is actually in some ways part of some ancient ritual that keeps a much more evil force at bay is intriguing. So it may sound odd, but I view bronze age slasher films in a different way.

Cliche But Fun

Right off the back, The Mutiliator isn’t anything all too special when it comes to the story. Like most slasher films, it revolves around a group of adolescents going off to a destination and it just so happens to be home of a mad killer. The thing about this movie is that it is so obvious who the killer is that it makes it laughable. But dude, the deaths are great! Big Ed sure does know how to bring the pain.

cI don’t think it is necessarily one of those genres where we’re meant to appreciate the actual story. The purpose is to enjoy the body count pile up. The Mutilator may not be the most exciting plot with some amazing twist in the end. But I think the deaths are pretty sweet, leaving The Mutiliator under the category as a great re-discovery style films. What I love about the movie is the stupid Fall Break song in the beginning. These moronic kids are going off for a weekend of fornication, drugs and alcohol and you know they’re going to die! But we have this stupid ass goofy song playing like this was fall break at Porky’s! But the entire movie is ridiculous in that same manner. We have this kid named Ed who killed his mom and his dad is trying to kill him. Not one point in this movie does this elaborate on how Ed Jr or his dad feel! We’re just supposed to accept it! How stupid! But it’s a stupid that I love.

So if you’re looking for a slasher film that isn’t Friday the 13th or Halloween. You know, the typical bull shit slasher films they play every year on television. If you just want that cool body count style movie that you can turn your brain off to. Then check out The Mutilator and have a happy Horror Movie Marathon!

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