Scenes To Be Seen – Brace Yourself

Did you have braces when you were a kid? If not then I guess you lucked out from all the squalor the rest of us went through. You perfect structured teeth ass holes! Oh how I despised you and your perfect life. Never did you grow up living a life of pain and agony like I did. I actually think parents purposely put their kids in braces as a form of punishment. They say they want your smile to be nice but we know what they really wanted. To torture us and laugh behind our backs! A simple and passive way of saying “You’re our child and we hate you!”

But you, you and your perfectly aligned teeth! Oh how your parents just adored your impeccable pearly whites! One smile from you and mommy and daddy would give you everything. While we look like dumbasses with all that metal and shit connected to our teeth. The pain of getting your jaw spaced out with that crazy device that you turn with a key. I know the orthodontist was out to kill me when he informed my parents it needed three turns in a single day! Fuck that psychopathic nazi! Are orthodontists even doctors? What kind of sadistic ass enjoys doing this to kids?

The braces are a torture device that bring mind numbing headaches that put me in a state of vertigo. The tightening of my brain was too much to bare! The world around me was throbbing and in every corner of my environment I could sense shadows turning into knives driving into my face! I swear I could feel my skull splitting in various places. Like slow cracks in a windshield getting longer and longer! Oh and forget playing football! One little bump and my lip bleeds like old faithful. Nightmare after nightmare polluted my dreams! I had one where my stupid ass older cousin shoves my face into the living room carpet and the braces get caught in the fibers! Everyone pointing, staring, laughing and treating me like a creature from unknown origins! Some stupid dumb ass kid licking carpet! Damn you braces, you evil mechanism of torterous doom!

But then again, whatever I went through couldn’t be half as bad as this kid. Talk about a tragic experience with orthodontic appliances.

Poltergeist Two

Poltergeist Two: The Other Side is a movie sequel that does not get a great deal of recognition. Although it may not be as successful and awesome as the first Poltergeist, I believe the movie is actually pretty enjoyable with some memorably awesome scenes. Enough to give it a clear landing for a capable movie sequel.

The movie was directed by Brian Gibson and features the returning cast from the first film. All except teenage daughter Dana played by Dominique Dunne who was murdered the year the original film was released. Her death was just one of a four other peculiar deaths during the entire Poltergeist series. Thus making some believe the movies were struck with a curse.


The story follows the events right after the first Poltergeist movie with the Freeling family and the events in Cuesta Verde with their home. The family is struggling and living with Dianes mother. Meanwhile Tangina is investigating the Freelings home and discover the source of the paranormal presence. A Native American shaman named Taylor discovers an evil entity and its tireless pursuit of Carol Anne. Thus sending Taylor to help the Freelings as the supernatural hauntings begin to come back once again.

Reverend Kane

Sure Poltergeist two isn’t as good as the first. But it is a great sequel that offers great acting and amazing effects. What I do like about the film is the plot. The movie itself is a little more focused as opposed to the first movie which is more mystery and suspense. In this movie there is an actual antagonist named Reverend Kane that wishes to possess the little girl Carol Anne. Kane is played by actorJulian Beck and boy is he super creepy. Kane is relentless in his pursuit for young Carol and his appearance makes you think he’s more skeletal than flesh. Beck was actually dying of cancer while making this film and actually died while the movie was still in late production. Becks declining health is actually very noticeable in the film as Kane often looks very thin and skeletal. A feature that just adds to his creep factor.

Braces Scared Me

What I love about this scene is pretty much connected to my introduction about the chaos and terror of having braces. Yea, what I wrote was a tad extreme and meant to be funny, but it was an interesting time in my life that brought on some strange fears. I really did have nightmares about the braces getting stuck to fabrics. I always thought getting stuck would do something like rip out my teeth. I was even afraid of the braces breaking off and being swallowed. Then getting lodged down in my throat or going through my digestive system. Just ripping me into pieces from the inside! There was a show called Rescue 911 with Captain Kirk, where a little girl swallowed a chunk of metal which then proceeded to cut her throat. That freaked me out which then made me afraid of having anything metal in my mouth.

This scene just added to that fear. The idea of the wires wrapping me up like it was the Blob freaked me out. Wrapping all around your face with the scent of metal and plaque invading your nose while you helplessly squirm. Gave me nightmares to no extent. But now I look back on this scene and even now, it is one of my most favorite moments. It’s also a very clever scene. They took such a random well known thing like braces and turned it into one of the most scariest things.

What kid that had braces during their childhood doesn’t watch this and shiver just a little? I actually think this scene effects me more than the scary clown toy from the first film. Why didn’t my dad warn me before seeing this movie! Its haunted me for years!

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