Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter – Screw You

Happy Friday the thirteenth everyone! Why exactly are we so fearful of this stupid day? From what I’ve read online it has to do something with Judas Iscariot being the thirteenth guest at the last supper for Jesus. Then Friday is an unlucky because Jesus himself was killed on a Friday. I don’t know if that is the true but all I know is that it is amazing how Friday the 13th is always associated with the movie series. I would bet you anything that if you were to go outside and interview one hundred random people, ask them what they know about Friday the 13th; ninety percent would claim it has to do with the movie. But out of all of them, I doubt they could tell you why the movie is actually titled Friday The 13th. I don’t think this is dude to people not seeing the first film just knowing there are a shit load of movies in this series. The movies as a collection are that powerful that the entire motive behind the horror is kind of overshadowed. Which is saying a great deal. I could imagine at one point in his career of killing teens, Jason had to forget exactly why he was doing what he was doing.

Friday The 13th may not be my most favorite of the major horror series, but there is no denying how big it is and its effect on the horror genre in general. You could do what I did two years ago and do a Friday the 13th movie marathon but I wouldn’t encourage it. That’s a lot of films for one marathon. Movies that can get real tiresome real quick. Jason may be the most iconic horror villain. He’s a faceless killer with a relentless pursuit. Which spawned a slew of slasher films living in its shadow. Friday the 13th was the first real body count style slashers that just came in and killed everyone. The movies were never about good plot or character. But appealed to audiences for their gore and creative effects. Something that many people don’t really understand.

Ehh screw those two. One looks like he eats shit while the other provides the shit. There are nearly nine Jason films that I can think of. This would not include the Freddy vs Jason or the 2009 remake. The interesting thing about Friday The 13th and horror fans is we all have our favorite movies which probably include our favorite death scene. Within the entire realm of the Friday the 13th franchise there is one death that I absolutely love. That would be the amazing and more creative death of Jimmy.

Talk about a death with a punchline! Here we have this young man named Jimmy Mortimer. Feeling pretty good after a sweet lay and strutting around high and mighty. Before this excursion with his friends, Jimmy was feeling real down because he couldn’t get laid. He was also socially awkward and a terrible dancer. But his charm and charisma has paid off and Tina gave him some lovin’ from the oven! Now he wants that wine because he finally feels like a man! Now if only he can find that damn corkscrew.

Jimmy goes around looking for the thing. He recalls seeing his pal Ted with it earlier but actually calls out to him because he wants Ted and everyone else to know he got laid. But Ted isn’t responding and its dark. But that horny drive is making him oblivious to the world around him. Little does Jimmy know that Jason has his corkscrew and he’s ready to deliver it!

I really feel sorry for Jimmy. His death didn’t come easy. I’ve read that the hand is the worst place to get a cut because there are so many nerves in your fingers. Which would make sense that I flip out whenever I get a simple paper cut. That corkscrew through the hand was probably the most painful experience Jimmy ever felt. Much much worse than the actual machete to the face. At least everything probably went blank in that moment. But that’s what makes Jason so bad ass! He wants you to feel the punishment of banging and getting drunk! WAIT! Maybe Jason was trying to make a statement with this death? It’s Friday the 13th which associates with Jesus right? Jesus was nailed to the cross so Jason nails Jimmy to the kitchen counter top? It can’t be a simple coincidence. Do the Friday the 13th have some sub meaning to them that should make us appreciate the Friday the 13th title much more?

Anyways, this was my favorite scene in the all the films but I want to know which one was yours. Who was your favorite kill and why?

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