Abominable – So Cute And Furry!

I have to tell you about an amazing movie that I got to see before everyone else! This was a great moment for me because I feel like doors are opening for me. So with that, I want to share something with everyone. The other day Jill Culton the director, called me and asked if I would like to take part in being one of the critics for her movie called Abominable! HOLY SHIT! Abominable! That is so sweet! She wanted an honest opinion on the film and what was my favorite part. Which I quickly agreed to. What moron would turn down seeing a movie with the actual director eager for your opinion? This was a moment in my blogging life that would only come one time! This lady has connections with Disney and Pixar so who knows where it could lead me. This is my ticket lady and gentlemen! My moment for a guy that blogs about crazy junk and go pro! See you losers later… oh but could you read the rest of this first?


So last night I watched Abominable and let me tell you all it is an amazing film! I enjoyed the entire movie and loved every moment of it. The yeti in this movie is powerful and cute. Probably my most favorite character. I just wanted to give him a huge bear hug the entire time. Man, just seeing a movie like this brings warm feelings into my heart and soul. It makes me feel good that children can have such amazing content like Abominable. We don’t have to worry about terrible films that make our children dumber because knowing this movie exists, gives me such hope for their future.

But First Congrats

Bravo DreamWorks for finally making a movie that does not suck ass. I think it’s good to know that all those stupid Shrek films and the slew of other animated movies featuring well known celebrities that need a quick buck are finally seen for the piles of shit they are. You have grown and have set that life behind you. It seems you are finally dedicated to making something that is of worth. I know you have found your place in this crazy world of movie making.

Alright, so I don’t want to give too much away. But I was told by another executive that I could show one scene from the movie! The one scene I believe is the best part. Honestly this was a hard pick because I love the entire movie and there was just too much to pick from. But I prayed about it and realized this one moment in the film was it. This one moment that brought the most joy and love into my life. Here, please watch this amazing clip and feel the emotion and love that went into this scene.

The Real Abominable

Ehh, did I almost get you there with this post? Made you think I would actually watch a moronic kids film and actually write about it on my blog? I saw this new animated movie trailer “Abominable” and just laughed over the title. I knew there was only one Abominable film that really mattered and that was the 2006 low budget film by Ryan Schifrin starring Matt McCoy, Jeffrey Combs, Haley Joel, Lance Henriksen and Paul Gleason.

Abominable is a movie that has a very low rating on Rotten Tomatoes but so does Dave Chappelles new comedy on Netflix. It may be a little corny but really, the movie delivers on the horror monster factor. There are a great deal of Bigfoot and to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan. But Abominable is a classic that does the killer Bigfoot the right way. The movie is just a fun romp and deserves credit where credit is due.

The Yeti in this movie actually looks a lot like an older actor named Jack Elam. Just a little more extreme and far less hair! Elam was well known for starring in many western films. A few of which were with western legend John Wayne.

He was known for his intense and wild looking lazy eye which gave him a perfect villainous demeanor. One of his western films that was a childhood favorite of mine was 1966’s The Night of the Grizzly. A film about a peaceful family out on the ranges of Wyoming being terrorized by a ferocious grizzly bear. I think to this day I think of that movie whenever I go camping.

But Elam himself was an actor many people recognized and was certainty a good man. Unfortunately Elam passed away in 2003 of congestive heart failure. To this day I enjoy seeing him in his long list of roles. Its rare for an actor with a certain physical issue to accept it, but Elam actually seemed to wear it as a badge of honor. One I think was great because you always remembered his face.

So when I saw this film Abominable, my first initial thoughts on the Bigfoot was of Jack Elam! Which made me laugh and still cracks me up to this very day. He’s kind of like a cross between Jack and… a real pissed off Harry from Harry and The Hendersons. I’m sure the creators of the Yeti suit didn’t have Elam in mind but its all I think of when seeing it.

I absolutely love this scene and it stands as a favorite kill moment. For the most part the other deaths in the film are basic grab and kill kind of moments. But you can tell they wanted to deliver that one grand moment with this death of Otis. Its hilarious how Otis acts all tough and for a glimmer of time, you think he’s turned the tide on this giant beast. But do you really think an ax in the back of Bigfoot would actually do anything to him? You’re like the buzzing of flies to this monster! So Otis deserves all he gets. I just love how it literally bites through the guys face and lets him drop. It’s so bloody and actually pretty impressive for such a low budget film.

Yea, Abominable may be a real low budget G-rated modern horror flick, but it’s far better than this new Abominable movie about a nice caring beast. This scene proves its far better.

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