IT – Who’s it?

Hurricane season often brings out the worst in society. A tropical storm is approaching and the local news goes absolutely bat shit crazy. Weather men live for this air time. I call it weather boners. They act like what they are reporting on requires constant surveillance and love every minute of the devastation. I saw some douche on the Weather Channel that has his own commercials for the station. Whenever this bald bastard shows up to a place like a beach, the people freak out because his presence obviously means something bad in the sky is approaching. What a bunch of ball slapping horse shit! They don’t know what fear is because it’s not in the sky folks! Rain and wind is the least of our worries. It’s underneath us. I know because I’ve seen it! Dwelling and waiting patiently within the man made water highways for garbage and shit. Disturbing not a soul until the right moment to strike that joyful unsuspecting prey. A faceless terror hellbent on hunger and a satisfaction for torment. All while masquerading as a jovial clown. The only question is… who did IT better?

Stephen Kings 1986 monster novel (over one thousand pages) is a ferocious weight of literature and often revered as one Kings most accomplished works. The entire book takes place within the small town called Derry. Where a monster lurks underneath the towns sewage system, returning every thirty years to feast upon the children of the town. This ageless creature desires the children to be doused with fear before it devours them. Kind like dipping my French fried into a Wendy’s frosty. Any who… a group of six kids called The Losers Club set out to battle this supernatural creature. Wait you know this story. If you don’t then get the hell off my blog!

It Must Have Been Love

By the time King released IT, King and his work was already widely popular and turning into movie features. With successes like Carrie and The Shining. Adaptations of Kings horror novels were becoming more common. Even smaller short stories like Cycle of The Werewolf, and Graveyard Shift were being turned into full length films. After four years since being released the story of IT would be brought to the ABC channel as a two part miniseries. Then twenty seven years later it was brought to the widescreen in Andrew Mushymush’s film adaptation.

Pennywise The Dancing Clown

Both versions of IT are highly enjoyable. The nineteen nineties television version has a large cult following. Despite its terrible acting and corny low budget effects, the films leading role of Pennywise played by Tom Kurkinstance has gone on to be an icon in the land of horrorville. Kurkinstance’s depiction of Pennywise can be seen in any fan art display alongside the greats like Freddy, Jason and Michael. So we have great Pennywise but everything else is terrible. Kind of like that Star Wars movie Rogue One. A boring ass movie with stupid characters but an awesome Darth Vader moment.

The two thousand seventeen version is a much darker and highly produced film. It is still the highest grossing horror film ever made. Which is pretty good being a rated R film in a world flooded by pansy ass PG-13 horror movies. Pennywise is played by Billy Skarsgardilagi and we see a more menacing clown that has some real jacked up eyes. The acting is great which is difficult in a serious movie featuring just children. Apart an overuse of jump scares and many details only true King fans (like me) could complain about; the movie is perfectly fine and does a good job telling a chilling tale.

But both films do something in common and that is making an entire film based around just one kick ass scene. I’m talking about the early Georgie death scene. Where Bill’s little brother George goes out to play in the storm and encounters Pennywise, thus resulting in Georgies death. This is a brutal scene and both films do it very well.

1990 Version

2017 Version

This is the first time I have ever done a Scenes To Be Seen post featuring two popular movie scenes. Also two movie scenes that are practically the same but from different time periods and styles.

I find this scene to be an interesting moment in both films and I won’t say which one is my favorite. But like I said this scene is haunting and really does diminish the rest of the film. In my opinion, this scene is far too much to live up to. Which is my biggest complaint about both films. Throughout the rest of the movie you can’t really find a moment that has as much tension build and overall creep factor to it. The movies try but still nothing measures up because no other moment in the film has any real tension or deep environment. There aren’t other moments throughout the film where we’re screaming, pleading and crying for this kid to get out of there. I knew he was going to die and so did you. But you kept demanding he just get away. It doesn’t matter that one is much more brutal than the other. The kid dies and it’s a great moment of horror. It’s just too bad that the entire movie couldn’t measure up to this scene.

I bring this up because I have read the book twice in my lifetime and don’t see this story the way it is in the book. Georgies death is right in the beginning and it’s a great chapter. Yet the book is followed up with even more insane scary moments. Like the scene where Beverly witnesses Henry and Patrick arguing. Which then leads to Patricks amazing and terrifying death.

Personally I believe the directors of the films started these films all around this one scene. It was probably the very first scene they shot and it went really well. Yet everything was built just around it alone. Imagine building a house and you start with the just the kitchen. You put so much work into that kitchen. The most creativity and love. Well, by the time you finish and move on to the living room, you’re spent and not really as involved. Thats what I think happened with these two films.

I mean, look at Jurassic Park. That T-Rex escape scene is probably one of the coolest scenes ever! EVER! Yet Steve Spieldergian gives us a few more doses of awesome like the Nedry’s death or the Australian guy getting ambushed by the raptors. You think that is it but then we get this kickass scene with the raptors in the kitchen hunting those two kids! Steve is just taking all the good shit and multiplying it so that by the time the movie ends, the guy could come out on the screen… take a dump on your face and you’d still say its one of the best movies ever made!

I’m not saying IT 1990 or 2017 are bad films. I do like them. I just see an awesome scene like this and completely drool over what could have followed throughout the entire movie. But that happens all the time in horror films. There are great moments that shine while the rest of the film is kind of a flat pancake. But regardless of that, which one do you think is the better of the two. Not the ENTIRE movie, just this scene alone. Who’s IT in your book?

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  1. Pennywise was played by Tim Curry in the 90’s version – and brilliantly too. Whether the name you have is his real name or not, I don’t know but he is very widely known as Tim Curry – from Legend with Tom Cruise, Home Alone and The Rocky Horror Picture Show among many others.

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    1. nscovell says:

      I purposely renamed then all. LOL.

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  2. Actually, as you have also done something odd with Bill Skarsgaard’s name I’m going to assume a joke that I clearly don’t get!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      Yea, I was in a stupid mood.

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