Killer Medicine Man

Does anyone remember history class when your teacher would talk about traveling medicine men? Or maybe you were watching a western and there was one depicted. Back in the old pioneer days there would be these traveling salesmen that would come to a small newly established settlement and sell some crazy elixirs. Often at times claiming these kinds of syrups had healing factors. But people weren’t as educated so they would fall prey to these kinds of guys. From what I heard these elixirs often caused more damage and these medicine men would simply get away with the craziest shit.

For My Fellow Floridians

Listen up folks, gather round. Don’t be shy and open your ears and minds to this sleuth of products. From the very people that brought you air and light, have a new thing that you’ll just go bonkers over. Right here just for you good people of Florida. It’s a perfect new product that know one can get other than right here at Wally’s Traveling Medicine Show. Are you listening folks cause this will change your life. I tell you what folk. Not even your kitchen sink can match this new powerful elixir. Now you may be asking “Wally what is this new product you speak of?” Well I’ll tell you very soon folks, so don’t worry cause theirs just enough to go around. What I hold in my hand is an amazing product never before seen. With special ingredients brought down from the magical mountains of Nepal! Yes Nepal, the place where bald men in diapers sing songs and meditate about naked women all day long! So you know it’s a special place. The water brought from there is encased in this amazing shiny bottle is something even the angles in Gods glorious kingdom would want. It’s called water, yes water. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Well this water is magical and will work wonders for you. Have a pestering cat 3 hurricane headed right up your butt? Water will make it better. Have an annoying zit in the nether regions? Water will cure it. Asthma, herpes, conjoined fetus, xeroderma, flatulence, overreacted sebaceous, Xerostomia, ugly bananas, annoying kids or a smelly dog. Water is your answer! So get in line and purchase all you can get because time is running out folks and there’s no other place to get this amazing potion of light called water!

Medicine Men

I actually think the Medicine Man scenario would make for an absolutely awesome horror movie. There’s so much potential for a movie like this and it’s insane that this theme hasn’t been done before. If anyone knows of a movie like this then please let me know.

I can see it like this. A nice period piece where a traveling medicine man comes to a town. Maybe the elixir turns everyone into monsters or rabid slaves. Or maybe zombies. But the elixir wares off, but the high is so awesome that the towns people go berserk for it. Killing each other in a blind rage of cannibalism and sodomy.

Here I drew this character real fast during my lunch break.

The medicine man scenario could play on a Needful Things or Wishmaster kind of situation as well. Maybe his elixirs have adverse effects on people. For instance, a guy wants his junk to be a monster in the bedroom. But the stuff actually turns his dick into a rampaging monster. Or maybe the lady that wants to feel cool during the summer. Drinks it and soon visits the tenth level of hell like in Dante’s Inferno. Then she becomes a demon portal for the devil. Or… and… and… holy shit! This could be an anthology movie. The medicine man goes to a town and each person that wants to pay has their own terrifying story! The medicine man is like the crypt keeper or the Creepshow ghoul. I mean, he could be what a witch or warlock would be during the old west kind of days! We always get displays of witches in mid evil settings. With pointy hats and robes like Harry Potter. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie depict a warlock in an old west traveling caravan kind of setting. I think I’m on to something! I could see that being done by someone like Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson. It would need a brutal campy style to it. Lots of blood and comical horror going on. But man this would be cool.

If anyone is aware of this exact thing being in existence then please let me know! A movie, a tv series episode or a comic book. It has to be out there some place! No way in hell is this just now being thought of. I’m not that smart. With so much shit out there you’re telling me that not one person has thought of doing an evil traveling medicine man movie?

So what do you think? Could the medicine man horror film be something that would work? Also, does anyone have any ideas as to how to begin a graphic novel because I might just start writing this out.

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  1. If you’re serious about a graphic novel, then:

    Start with a plot (which you have)
    Develop the plot and draft some characters
    Write the script (or get someone else to do it)
    Sketch the characters. A lot.
    Break the script down into pages.
    Break the pages down into panels.
    Draft the pages. Probably a lot!
    Ink the whole thing.
    Drink alcohol. Probably also a lot.

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    1. nscovell says:

      Hmm, I should give it a try. Could be fun.

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      1. If you need any help, just shout. I’m a dab hand at writing and I have been threatening to draw a manga based on one of my stories for years. I get as far as the planning and give up. Too much for one person to do in my opinion, although some do!

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      2. nscovell says:

        I sure will!

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