Underwater – Return of Tank Girl

By the late 1980’s sci-fi/horror outer space films were growing increasingly overused. So Hollywood started out in making similar films but in a different atmosphere than space. Soon what followed were many deep sea underwater films. Many people are aware of movies like The Abyss, Deep Star Six, Leviathan, The Rift and Lords of The Deep.

Unfortunately, underwater films did not make too much of an impact. The Abyss was a success and although not a horror film, to this day is an amazing movie with practical effects that rival many modern movies. Of all the underwater films of the late 80’s, The Abyss is the only one shot in a natural underwater environment. The others used a technique called “dry for wet.” A classic movie effect of making it seem like we’re underwater, when we really are not. But not James Cameron! That mighty man was like “Only pussies fake underwater!” But no, the dry for wet approach does work when shot properly. This is best demonstrated in the 1989 film Leviathan, a movie that I absolutely love. It’s pretty much 1982’s The Thing… just underwater. Others like Deep Star Six and The Rift were much smaller budgets and kind of bombed. But among horror fans have a place for being fun movies.

Underwater Movies Rule

I for one love underwater films and appreciate it as a horror trope. Deep abysmal water settings are terrifying and lonely. They set a perfect tone for darkness and doom because there is barely any life down in the deep. But there’s an ever glimmering idea that something could be down there. Think about how this compares to space. Nothing living can live in space. It’s a damn scientific fact. So really, the thing I would most be afraid of would be solar radiation and flying bullets of rock and shit. Sure it’s terrifying but not on a horror level. If killer debris is horror, then 2013’s Gravity is the king of all horror. But deep down in the ocean trenches could reside horrific beasts or God knows what else. Walking around in some murky water in some massive diving suit. Try getting away in that shit? You can’t! At least in space a person can jet pack away from an alien ship they see coming one hundred miles away! In the ocean, you can’t see anything. That’s terrifying!

With all this talk of underwater films and how the deep sea stuff works in horror, it’s neat to see this new trailer for a new underwater horror film titled… Underwater? Hmm, not too creative with the name but I guess it gets the point across. They definitely are… “underwater.”

Underwater is an upcoming sci-fi/horror film directed by William Eubank and starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight). Seriously, is it just me or does Stewart look like that Tank Girl, Lori Petti? We also have Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) and… TJ Miller. You know he will die early. If Leviathan or any other horror/sci-fi movie tells us one thing, it’s that the wise cracking jackass dies first… and usually in some grand manner. Usually establishing the creatures ferocity. Which is fine, the less Miller is in the movie the better. I just don’t buy that guy.

The Underwater Plot

What we follow is an underwater research center that goes through an earthquake. Thus leaving the crew stranded at the ocean floor. As they make arrangements for escape, the crew discovers something sinister outside of the underwater refuge.

Looking Forward

As far as I’m concerned the movie looks pretty interesting. I appreciate the trailer not revealing too much. But this is after all only the first one. I’m sure the marketing team behind this will eventually ruin everything by showing us all the details. Killing any thrill of seeing the movie. Gosh I hate that. Maybe I’ll let this trailer be the only one I will watch. They already have my money because I told you all about my hard on for underwater films. Hopefully this movie will rock. It seems dark and foreboding and my fingers are crossed. The movie will be released January 10th… Oh no! January! That’s a dump month. Yea, a dump month is the time of the year where most audiences are the smallest and movies that don’t necessarily screen test very well are released. It’s the garbage heap of movie releases!

So What Do You Think?

But what do you think? Will you check out underwater films are were those late 80’s films enough for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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