The Thing – Adopt Don’t Shop

Are you someone that absolutely adores animals and would be willing to open your home in wide arms to a furry stranger? If you automatically screamed out loud “hells yes” then I have some great news for you my friend. Just recently, I was sent a message by my friend Mac that at this moment, he has a beautiful Alaskan Malamute! I don’t know what that is but it sounds like a bad ass dog! This dog is ready, willing and patiently chilling up north for a whole new family for him to just wrap up with his love. His name is Jed and right off the back I have to say, he is the most wonderful, beautiful and intelligent dog I have ever seen. At times, you will second guess yourself if he is really a dog at all! That is how smart he is. He is such a cool thing.

A Little About Jed

My friend Mac found Jed on some crazy northern excursion he was recently on. I don’t know what Macs career is for sure, but he is always way up north where it constantly snows. Yea, I know, he’s a crazy guy but he’s a cool dude and that kind of friend I could always rely on. One time in college he showed us his blow torch! How cool is that! He works with dog sleds and lives a pretty adventurous life. Anywho, from what I was told Mac found Jed on one of his wintry adventures. I guess he discovered Jed… or more like Jed discovered him, in the middle of an icy terrain. Just running and enjoying life like a good little pooch. So Mac got him and instantly fell in love with him. He brought Jed back to his site and everyone else fell in love as well! But Mac really needs to find Jed a home and it seems urgent. Something about Jed not liking Macs blow torch. I told Mac, “Dude, why don’t you get rid of the torch?” Mac just said “Fuck you too!” It was at that moment I realized that a man just can’t turn away from a good blow torch.

The thing about Jed is he is more than just a dog. Jed really loves getting close to people. Especially small children so any of you parents that want to teach your children about ownership, responsibility or just the power of a loving animal; then Jed would be perfect for you! Oh and if you have other pets, be assured Jed will most definitely make friends with them as well. Just one hour with this furry guy and you bet you will feel a connection to him that you never have felt before! I dare say, a physical and mental assimilation.

Find Your Loving Kindness

What a beautiful creation of God. Now. won’t you search deep within your heart, reach out and give Jed a nice new home? You can see Jed is perfect just for you. Don’t you deserve a loving bond like this. Its a sad thing when an animal cannot find a loving home. So extend your arms and give Jed your love today. Watch below and see what kind of thing you could now have in your life Remember, adopt don’t shop!

History Of The Thing

1982’s The Thing is probably John Carpenters best and most outrageous film. It is also a remake of 1951’s The Thing From Another World, which is actually based on a book called Who Goes There? by John Campbell, aka Don Stuart.

The Thing From Another World is an amazing movie that no horror buff should have missing in their horror catalog. It happens to feature the very first man on fire stunt ever performed in a movie. For being made in 1951, The Thing From Another World is truly an amazing and pretty terrifying film.

But the 1982 remake is something different all together. Carpenter truly upped the gore, brutality and story-line. Even though he did take liberties with the story and creature, what Carpenter did is truly awesome. To this day The Thing From Another World and The Thing are one of the best original and remake duo. Although The Thing was a cinematic bomb, it has gone on to become a cult classic. Well, cult classic would be putting it mildly. It is considered the best horror movie ever made!

The Thing is a movie that know one can hate. I truly question the priorities and brains of a horror fan that does not love or appreciate this film. The practical effects are the beacon of bronze age 80’s horror and represent the craft of what can be achieved in movies. Also what kind of person doesn’t love Kurt Russell? He’s awesome in this movie and MacReady is still one of my most favorites. Maybe not Jack Burton but who can beat Jack Burton dude! Even to this day it’s debated as to whether or not MacReady survives at the end.

The Thing is a movie that I remember seeing as a young kid and filling me with dread. But man this dog transformation scene truly scare the shit out of me. I felt so bad for the dogs in this movie which is why it is such a good scene. Why would the thing kill the dogs!? They didn’t do anything to it? Oh man, it just tugs at your heart strings… but man it’s awesome gore. This is the overall first reveal of what the creature really is. Which in all regards remains unknown. The thing is such a random and chaotic monster that you can’t truly define what it is. Sure you might understand the nature of the thing. It takes over living tissue and masquerades as that victim in order to remain hidden. But if someone asked you to define it physically, you couldn’t give a clear answer.

It’s why as a child, I would draw monsters. Maybe a three headed beast with six legs, five asses and teeth all over! Well, that was me drawing my own thing monster. It was because of John Carpenter that I realized monsters don’t have to be unified featured monsters. They could be big globs of a chaotic shitfest! Skin warped and oozing with fluids and I love it!

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  1. Sorry Nate, but I’ve got to correct you on someTHING. John Carpenter’s film didn’t take liberties with the story, The Thing From Another World did. What Carpenter made wasn’t a remake as such, he went back to the original novella and made a pretty faithful adaptation.

    Other than that, great post and entertaining as ever

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    1. nscovell says:

      Ahhh I haven’t read the book yet. I will have to check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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