RVM Review – Digging Up The Marrow

In a recent post, I revealed a deep hatred I have for Clive Barkers Nightbreed and all its unorganized annoyances. Since first witnessing Nightbreed I never thought I could find another movie that bugs me as bad… until I discovered 2014’s Digging Up The Marrow.

Digging Up The Adam Green

Many horror fans are familiar with director Adam Green. He has brought us films like the Hatchet series and 2010’s Frozen. He has gained some success in the horror community and continues to create more horror content. Even taking part in the Friday The 13th video game that has gained a great online gaming community in itself. Green is a definite fan of horror and for the most part seems to make fine films. The Hatchet movies are good homages to the slasher genre and his character Victor Crowley, played by horror legend Kane Hodder; could have future iconic potential. They are not the most original of films, being that they are “body count” kind of movies. You watch these movies for the death and blood and really not to much else. So he is an established horror director, I guess. I don’t really look for his work and to be honest, since Digging The Marrow; I don’t think I ever will.

Digging Up The Story

Digging Up The Marrow follows director Adam Green as… Adam Green. Going on the convention circuit where he constantly promotes his movie Frozen. Green mentions some fan mail he gets and one in particular is from a peculiar man named William Decker (Ray Wise) . Decker claims he knows that monsters are real and can prove their existence because knows of their lair. With a tad bit of eagerness, Green and his crew meet with Decker and decide to make a documentary out of it. At first Green is critical of Decker but soon discovers the truth. Monsters are real and live in a place Decker calls the “Marrow” and a doorway into terror and fear soon unfolds for Green and his film crew.

Digging Up The Positive

To say Digging Up The Marrow lacks a cool story with some nice effects would be a lie. After reading a short description of this movie I thought “Wow, a movie that is exactly in the vein of Nightbreed! Maybe this won’t suck!” What we get begins as a cool premise that seems to work in its found footage style and from a perspective of a horror director looking for something new. Kind of like Shadow of The Vampire with William DaFoe and John Malkovich but not nearly as good.

So I love the premise and actually do think the idea of an underground subcontinent for monsters and freaks is an interesting premise. But then again, I thought the same thing for Nightbreed. The entire story unfolds nicely and Ray Wise’s character Decker is the shining light in the film. The monsters, although seen very little; are real nice as well and something I believe the movie could use more of. I keep bringing up Nightbreed but I guess I have to. This movie is so similar that I have no choice. Where Nightbreed drives me completely crazy in the undeveloped characters and poorly established plot, Digging Up The Marrow does much better n the overall story. But, this movie fails in a way that not even Nightbreed could do.

Digging Up The Promotion

The entire movie is just one big promotion for Adam Green and his career. Which is kind of odd because when I re-read how I described him, my utmost word for him would be “Ehhh.” The entire movie is this douche talking about his movie Frozen and it’s annoying. The mere fact he plays himself is terrible but he keeps talking about his work. Plus, he’s kind of a shitty actor.

Now I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume great directors like John Carpenter, George Romero, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Stephen Spielberg (80’s not modern) would never make a movie where they actually play themselves. I am perfectly capable in accepting them playing parts in their movies. Tarantino does it all the time and he is actually quite good. Peter Jackson makes small appearances in many of his films. I love The Lord of The Rings series and always enjoyed pointing Jackson out in his personal cameo. But to actually have Sam Raimi play Sam Raimi just seems douchery in my book. But if they did, I would bet it would be something less promoting. Ok, lets think of Wes Craven and his return to the Krueger franchise in 1994’s Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Anyone that has seen this movie knows Wes Craven does play himself… but so does Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon. Wes himself has a minor role but doesn’t seem to overdo the part. Plus we are talking about Wes Craven, the creator of one of the greatest horror icons of all time! This movie was Cravens recapturing and domesticating of a series that went completely bonkers and horse shit at the end. He reigned in the legend of Krueger and did it in a way where it hit the hardest. In the damn original creators of the franchise! To me it was an amazing move and is still a favorite of mine. It was the seventh film and… wait why should I be defending Craven, a horror genius to a guy like Adam Green!? That would be like trying to prove why water is better to drink than cow piss.

Digging Up More

If I could let go of the aggravation I feel towards Green constantly jacking himself off in this movie, then I think it could be an alright film. But it’s so annoying that it ruins everything. I hate that kind of pride and it is one that paints a terrible picture. Even without that problem existing the movie lacks a great deal of intrigue. We don’t get a depiction of the Marrow and the culture of monsters that dwells there. Which is something I was really expecting from this film. There were no repercussions for investigating the Marrow. Some of the monsters look interesting but we see them as quick eye candy and even then it’s a simple “run through the woods” kind of encounter. Dammit, I hate blown potential! Screw this movie is sucks balls!

My Grade
Digging Up The Marrow = F

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I just spent ten minutes typing an excellent defence of Digging Up the Marrow as a “watch it if there’s nothing else on but definitely don’t spend money on it” kind of film when the computer did something crazy after my cat sat on the keyboard and I lost the lot.

    I’ve just given the meat of the reply above but will add that Ray Wise and the creatures chewing the scenery (one literally and the other metaphorically) were fun to watch while Adam Green being acted off the screen by Kane Hodder of all people was not.

    Regarding his other output, my favourite of the four Hatchet movies was, sadly, the one he didn’t write/direct. Ironically he’s in that too, mercifully very briefly. The jewel in his crown though, is the brilliant Frozen (2010). The premise – three young people stuck on a ski lift after the resort has closed for the winter sounds like it should be boring. I’ve got to say, however, that boring it is not! Because of Frozen and the great Victor Crowley character I won’t avoid his future films but, like you, I won’t actively seek them out either.

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    1. nscovell says:

      Lol. I thought it started fine and the limited creatures were good. I just couldn’t get past green himself. Killed me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. He’s a bit of a dick. By all accounts David Harbour’s Frankenstein film is very like it so I’m avoiding it. Apparently he plays himself looking into his family’s past but it’s very “Look at me, I’m David Harbour and aren’t I cool and arty?” Urm, no, stop it now please. I like Harbour as Hellboy and he’s good in Stranger Things too but these vanity projects are annoying. Now if there were cool creatures and someone of Ray Wise’s comedic sense in it then maybe I would watch it.

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