Misery – The Right Woman

It is about time I be honest with everyone and make a confession. I have a deep secret that I’ve never expressed on this blog and that is my love for romance films. Yes, through all of my talk of horror. Monsters, killers, demons and wraiths. Nothing gets my nips as hard as a good old fashioned romance film. I don’t know what it is, just seeing a movie about love and high octane emotions is the best thing on the planet. Witnessing a relationship unfold in a movie just tugs at my heart strings. The ever moving plight of a bond between two lovers and the struggle they victoriously endure over adversity! Moves me to tears. There is something so amazing when you find that one woman in your life that makes everything seem, blissful. She brings out the best in us men. Makes us want to conquer the tallest mountain or write the next great novel. She can make you feel warm inside. So for any of you helpless romantics that are looking for a beautiful display of commitment, communication and spontaneity. Then look no further than this wonderful love scene from an amazing 1990’s romance film. Enjoy.

Sweet Annie

Annie Wilkes is one of the most prominent characters in all the Stephen King universe. If you’re an avid King fan then you know this to be true. She is a devious delight to read and brings out the deepest parts of fear that a person never knew existed. Misery may be one of my favorite Stephen King novels because of this character alone. Although the story is about this writer named Paul Sheldon and his survival. The entire energy of the story is from this coin toss of behavior found in Annie. She seeps into the soul and will never let you sleep. One minute she is preparing the most flavorful chicken soup and then the next she’s dowsing you with burning kerosene. A dangerous person you can’t determine or predict is a monster beyond monsters. I dare say Ms. Wilkes is scarier than Pennywise from It or Kurt Barlow from Salem’s Lot. They’re monster, it’s true. But monsters with habit and predictability. They’re demeanor is out front and a warning sign to all who are aware. Sweet Annie is a blank page of turmoil crazed beyond the desire to stay alive. The mere fact she is next door to your room can drive you completely insane!

One Time Long Ago

No person could have played the part better than the amazing Kathy Bates. I love Kathy Bates, she’s so awesome and her ability to act is far above any other. I seriously do love her other work but to this day, her portrayal of Annie Wilkes brings a smile to my face. I just wanted one moment in The Office where she bashed someones head in or broke the legs of a person that didn’t like her muffins. Maybe in the Blindside she could have had a moment of a glimmering psychosis rant. Scaring the shit out of that big illiterate kid. I know it’s in there Mrs Bates! Just bring it back for us fans!

Did you know she won an Oscar for her portrayal of Annie Wilkes Dugan in 1991? Did you also know it was the last time an actual horror film received any Oscar award praise!? Yea, that should give you a good hint at how shitty Hollywood is today. Those assholes don’t care about horror films. All they do is splooge all over movies that edify acting or the movie industry. But in 1991 they had a shining moment where they honored a film about a writer that is held captive and tortured by a psychotic woman.

The Scene

I don’t think you could ever witness a movie scene full of so much tension and then with so much horrific payoff. That kind of tension where you’re pealing your skin from your upper arm and using your lower lip as chewing gum. The way Annie maintains that straight face while explaining to Paul the entire breakdown of his escape truly makes us feel the insanity behind those cold eyes. Rob Reiner killed it in this scene. You’re constantly waiting for the moment Annie just stabs Paul to death, but she keeps talking and the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven is just biting at our insides! We truly are in misery. JUST KILL THE GUY ALREADY CAUSE YOU’RE KILLING ME!! But no, Annie has better plans. When she pulls out the four by four from under the bed everyone’s mind goes to “OH SHIT!” mode. Then she grabs the sledge hammer and Paul trembles. You tremble to cause your “oh shit” mode has gone to “what the fuck!” mode. Just like Paul, you’re hoping for a way out. Someone has to intervene and save me from this psychotic lady. Maybe something will fall in the room next door and Annie just forgets the entire thing or maybe the ceiling collapses and kills us both! But no, you stare out the window and know one is out there. You give her your best look and she just stares back like a statue. Anything would be better. Just not this! Not this pain that is about to come! OH GOSH SHE’S WINDING UP! Crunch! What the hell am I watching and how do I get out of this place? Wait, what is she doing and how the hell is she so calm? No way, not the other leg! Crunch! Dude, just light me a cigarette of and shoot me in the head please. Then while you’re squirming she looks you in the eye and tells you she loves you. Showing that true demon inside because she delights in your torture. To be honest, this is when I get a little excited in the nether regions if you catch my drift.

Because that’s true romance dude. She loves Paul and Paul loves her, but he doesn’t know about it. Annie wants whats best for her Paul and what’s best is for him to know cruise around her house. For him to stay with her forever or until she decides to end them both! That’s how a scene needs to be done! It’s a prime time display of horror that we all need to appreciate. No jump scares or over the top gore. Sure the crack and snap of the feet is pretty severe but its so quick that the image burns in your mind because of the severity. Nothing is better than Annie in this scene and its no wonder she won best actress for this film. Drag us to the depths of despair and deliver us into pain and misery is what we need and Annie Wilkes is the right woman for the job!

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