Sam Is Sam


Every once in a while, on very rare occasions; a non-horror film delivers a moment of unadulterated horror. I’m pretty sure I can think of a few films that do this. Silence Of The Lambs is tremendously terrifying and has moments that (truly should) constitute as a horror scene. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom has an insane horror moment where Mola Ram extracts the heart of some poor guy. Ram calls upon the evil Hindu god Kali and he has all these crazy cult followers chanting behind him. Talk about a hardcore Sunday church service. Not even those snake handlers are that hard core! Even the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park where the raptors hunt the kids reminds me of a Friday the 13th kind of hunt/chase scene. These are great and rare junctures in film, often breaking tone and attitude for in all out attempt to bring on some real intense terror. I love these scenes because it gives us horror fanatics a moment of sweet short-lived bliss. One movie that I think best demonstrates this placement of a small slice of horror can be found in 2004’s Spider Man 2.

Wait a minute! Spider Man 2? A Marvel super hero film about a guy that gets bit by a spider and develops spider strength and spider abilities and then fights crime? How the hell can a movie like this have anything horror in it at all? Well, let me tell you something… it does and it totally kicks balls!

Like Writing On The Wall

I actually saw this movie in theaters when I was much younger and this scene has always stuck out to me. I love how it turns into one giant massacre. I could picture those mothers with their little kids at this moment. Covering their children’s eyes and concocting their letters of complaint to the Hollywood execs.

Dear Mr Hollywood,

I am here to inform you that your Spider Man 2 film displays a terrible scene in which you must renounce this very minute. I took my eight year old son Phillip to see Spider Man 2 because Spider Man is his favorite of all super heroes. He loves him and his entire room is filled with Spider Man garbage. Costs his father and I a fortune! So you can appreciate his fandom over this character and the movies. Little did we know that we would be subjected to this terrible and violent display of depravity. Why did you put that scene of the metal octopus arms killing people? I thought the bad guys in these films just rob banks and kidnap pretty girls? But now you give us this? You just want to push the buttons of society don’t you? You don’t care that you scared my child and almost gave me a heart attack! I for one will not stand for this outrage and will do all in my power to stop you. You are the reason the moral fabric of America is unwinding! Go to hell!

Hillary Poon

Then at the end of everything her son becomes more of a man because a little fear is good for a kid. Don’t worry kid , in three years your mom will forget about that scene because she’ll see Spider Man 3 and thinks Peter Parker dancing is cute all because she’s a moron. It’s why your dad left.

I Know This Guy!

I don’t think there exists a fan of horror that can’t automatically tell who directed this movie just by this one scene alone. COME ON NOW! You don’t even have to watch the rest of the movie. It’s drenched in everything Sam Raimi! You can see the Evil Dead cinematography all over the place. That stillness of the doctor hesitating while he sees the harness swivel. The over the top deaths and screams (especially the woman) of the many victims of the menacing tentacles! Even the point of view of one of the metallic killers is enough to make you say “Oh shit, that’s the camera of doom shot!” I remember seeing this in theaters and saying “Yep, this is Sam Raimi alright!” It’s one great package that gives us the best moment in ALL Marvel movie history.

But it makes sense because Sam is Sam… the guy has a technique and it’s just cool to see him take this moment of the film and give us something great… something that has not even remotely been challenged in all super hero films! I bet you anything this was Raimi’s most favorite scene to film in the series. You know this shit wouldn’t fly with those Disney jackasses today. Gosh I hate Disney! They always take stuff we love and make it suck! Everything in their movies is so “pc” and family oriented. Even Thanos went from being a blood thirsty killer that wants to bang lady death and then turned into a left wing overpopulation nut. Probably because displaying a bad guy that just loves killing is too much. Thank God Raimi had his chance to bring in his own style to this film. Without the risk or artistic vision like the MCU films lack today, we would never have gotten this scene and an overall good non-horror film. So even if you’re not a fan of hero films then go ahead and check out this rare glimmer of awesomeness!

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