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Although I consider myself a true horror fanatic and devote a great deal of time and energy to the genre and the sub -culture it has created. Another love I have is for the world of fantasy. It actually did not dawn upon me (until recently) that my love for fantasy is insanely large and often outweighs my love for horror.

I have read J.R.R Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of The Rings every year since I was fifteen years old. It is an annual tradition that I enjoy doing and don’t intend on stopping. I even have the “Ash nazg thrakatulĂ»k agh burzum-ishi krimpatul” script encircling the famous Tolkien logo tattooed on my upper left arm.

Other readings include The Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Stormlight Archive and more. Something about a good world build with deep rich characters thrills me. I love magic, swords and everything else thrown in there. So my reading is where I truly define my love for the fantasy genre. Even then, I love fantasy driven movies like Willow, The Dark Crystal, Legend and even Star Wars. That’s right! Star Wars is most definitely a fantasy series and if you don’t realize that then its about time you take your head out of your ass! I’m also a huge fan of all things Zelda. Breath of the Wild is one of my most favorite games of all time.

So with my love for fantasy made known, another thing I would love to share (and is the main point of this post) is why isn’t there a great horror/fantasy series? What I love about horror the most is it’s ability to mix with the other genres. Meaning horror goes hand in hand with the others. But I don’t think there have been any real good fantasy style movies with a horror element in them. Once in a while, there may be some small glimmer or horror. But never anything that is straight horror. Kind of like how Star Wars is fantasy with a sci-fi element… I want a series that is fantasy, but with a huge horror element! I am pretty sure there isn’t one that does exist. Or maybe there is…

Mandy Could be Fantasy Candy!

I absolutely love the 2018 movie Mandy by Panos Cosmatos and starring Nicholas Cage. It’s an insanely vivid film with well crafted cinematography. Cage is a beast in this film and probably his most Cage-like he’s ever been. So if you haven’t seen this movie then MOVIE your lazy ass into high gear and check it out. Anyways, that scene where he guzzles a bottle of vodka and just screams is amazing! The movie is known for being an action/horror flick. Which is true. But after watching this film for the tenth time, I started to realize that Cosmatos actually created his own awesome fantasy style world! At least that’s the way I see it.

Here we have Red Miller and his love Mandy. They live out in the woods where Mandy practices her art and Red is a lumberjack. They both love their seclusion. Now the movie doesn’t really make too much of a connection to the outside world. Other than their apparent interest in movies via their television. From what I gather, the land they live in is sort of a rogue society. In this land is where Red goes on a quest of vengeance and blood. On his way he visits the old sage for weapons just like Link does in every Zelda game. Just like Link, Red is bestowed a mighty weapon and other tools for the adventure. On his way Red encounters dangerous beasts or demons. He even visits a drug dealer that resembles a witch or some cliche person filled with guidance. Red takes drugs that put him in a fueled rage… much like a warrior takes an elixir of courage or skill. Red travels a long distance gaining many scars and pushing his sanity to the max. Eventually meeting his foes and conquering them. The entire movie takes place in this strange psychedelic new world. Almost like Mad Max meets Dante’s Inferno out in the Canadian woods.

Interpret Dis

Now, whether or not Mandy is meant to be a fantasy style film is up to interpretation. I for one accept it as much because… damn I really want some fantasy/horror films! Ridley Scotts Legend is an interesting movie in that Tim Curry’s depiction of the prince of darkness is truly awesome and terrifying. He’s probably my most favorite Satan-like depiction ever done in film. But the movie is more full fantasy than anything. I think it has some real good horror elements but not strong enough to label it that. What would be cool is to have a Legend kind of film that really pushes the gore. Up the evil and play down the goodness. Make us afraid while putting us into that fantasy kind of world.

I know there are many of those folk lore films being turned into horror. Movies like The Trollhunter or The Hallow are like that but those aren’t really the “fantasy” I’m looking for. I want the fantasy story with the Frodo-esq hero and his team going on some quest. Just, with a more horror element to it. I know, the idea is kind of like trying to find a phantom in the dark. Even I don’t have a full grasp of the demand. But what I want is a scary Game of Thrones or a bloody Lord of The Rings and a psychotic Wheel of Time!

Think of the potential one could create in this realm!? You can come up with anything! A blood thirsty story where our heroes come upon a town that happens to be blood thirsty zombies. Maybe the horror elements we all love are common practice throughout this made up land. Something where Voorhees, Myers and Krueger are like the ancient characters of Greek myths! I’m telling you right now, if someone could come up with some awesome story like this then it would be amazing!

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  1. I can agree with this sentiment. Too many fantasy authors are unwilling to go to the gruesome/horror-fueled because it lies outside of the common folklore tropes.

    Personally I think Robert E. Howard + H.P Lovecraft left the markers (or cairns) for such a blend, and we’ve yet to see the full outcome of that. I’m hoping to pick up on that Gothic/Grim/Astral Horror/Sword & Sorcery here with my own novels in the coming future, once my own fantasy series is done. But I’ll be leaving breadcrumbs in the series as well to hint at what I’m working on next, which shares the same universe. Hopefully it becomes a trend so we can all get some spooky-tier fantasy!

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    1. nscovell says:

      That sounds awesome! Keep me updated.


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