This is going to be something that may piss a lot of people off. But I’ve grown tired of superhero movies, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, I’m a big fan of Marvel and have read many of the comics since I’ve been a small child. Nothing gets my nips harder than The Avengers. Seeing these modern mythological figures on screen is a wonderful thing. But come on! There are nearly twenty two films already and it’s just wearing me down. I liked Infinity War and Endgame. The Guardians of The Galaxy (and its sequel) are real good, maybe the most entertaining films of the bunch. But yes, after Endgame I’ve decided to give it a rest and you forget about those penguin shit DC films.

With all this in mind, I have to admit that James Gunn’s upcoming film Brightburn looks pretty sweet. The idea of taking the Superman story and altering it so our ideal hero is actually a cruel evil monster is kind of refreshing. It’s like Gunn is purposely giving one film to all of us crazy horror fans for once. We’ve spent a few decades with these easy going hero films and now we’re getting one that pretty much meets our insane expectations. I’m pretty sure the concept of Superman being raised in a different location has been done. For instance, there is Superman: Red Son which features Superman crash landing on earth a in a “what if” the earths orbit was a few moments ahead… blah blah blah blah. But I don’t recall any real cool alternates where Superman as a child is evil.

Brightburn is a horror movie that is being released at the right moment. Like 1988’s Child’s Play being released in response to the giant doll trend, Brightburn is in response to the popular superhero craze. Which is what makes this movies premise so awesome. We’re used to the idea of the super hero doing the right thing. Batman never kills. Spider Man’s slogan is “With great power comes great responsibility.” Superman could enslave everyone but doesn’t. In fact, he’s compassionate and it’s kind of a weakness. The idea of good conquering evil and the ideal hero is so ingrained into our culture that a movie like Brightburn could make an insanely interrupting statement into our soft feathery ideals. Everything isn’t ok and this would be hero is in fact a reeking malevolent force of evil.

So yea, I’m kind of excited for Brightburn. For me, it’s being released at the opportune time. I need something different. Something that shatters this concrete idea of a superhero film. Actually, I’m not all to surprised this movie is coming out and wonder why not earlier. Horror is making loads of money so blending the two genres together is a solid move. Either way, it looks interesting and it has my attention.

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  1. Savior699 says:

    There are 2 ways to look at Brightburn. Either oh great, a horror movie ripped off Superman, or damn a horror movie about evil kid Superman can be cool as hell. For me, anyone that likes horror movies and superhero movies that isn’t at least curious for this is just looking for a reason to be negative. A great director with a great premise leaves no reason to think the movie will be actually bad. Also, I agree about being burnt out on superhero movies.

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    1. nscovell says:

      Yea the only one I’m still onboard with would be guardians of the galaxy


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