Nice To Melt You

A person is entitled to at least five guilty pleasure films. Those golden delicacies of cinematography we often hold in high regard… yet in complete secrecy. These can be films that despite not getting a great deal of recognition from the masses, are hated entirely; are great gems in our library of favorites. They could have bombed in theaters, slaughtered by critics and sneered at by our coworkers. Yet we would stand firm in our defense of them, or maybe just remain a secluded hermit when the discussions arise. To us these are movies that we believe deserve more recognition and respect. Sure Last Action Hero was a total bomb but damnit, it is a fun action flick! EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH IT! A guilty pleasure film can’t be overly popular. Nor can it be classified as a cult or camp film. It just doesn’t make sense to say Evil Dead or The Fifth Element is a guilty pleasure film. If you went to comic con and identify more than one hundred tattoos of your film, then it probably doesn’t count.

I bring up the idea of guilty pleasure films to express a certain guilty pleasure movie of my own. It did not do very well in theaters nor was it praised like the first film. That movie is 1989’s The Fly II. Directed by Chris Walas who did the special effects for the 1986 predecessor The Fly. He also worked on other movies like Gremlins and Raiders of The Lost Ark. His effects for The Fly were great so it makes sense that he was given the job for this sequel. It stars Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga and Lee Richardson. The story follows the first after Seth Brundle dying. We’re nine months later as a (not-so Geena Davis) Veronica gives birth to Seth Brundles child. Veronica dies during birth or just seeing what has come out of her body. This kid is special because he’s born within a pupil shell and oh yea, he grows at a abnormal state. The boys name is Martin and he’s displaying odd behavior which links him to his fathers ill fated experiments. It seems the hybrid human/fly DNA that resided in his father is also in Martin. The movie proceeds in the same vein as the first where Martin is working on the teleportation devices and also rapidly changing into something less human. Will Martin be able to accomplish what his father failed doing?

I love The Fly II and truly believe it deserves more credit. To be honest, it seems like a lost film that not many people talk about. Sure, it may not be as epic as the first film but man does this movie get to me. Anyone that has seen this film knows what I’m saying when I talk about Martins friend being mangled in the teleport. Then the next scene where Martin doses his own sweet form of euthanasia. Only someone with a dark soul wouldn’t feel broken over that scene. The rest of the movie is a great deal of fun. Which is why I’ve chosen this next scene for my Scenes To Be Seen moment.

Man do I love a good face melting scene! You know those weird ASMR videos on YouTube where people watch other people making “soothing” and monotonous sounds? I guess they are meant to tingle the senses in the brain and there are tons of them to watch. Personally I think it’s creepy, those tiny minuscule sounds the human mouth makes when we talk freak me out. But it seems that people really love it and it calms them deep down. Well, face melting scenes in horror films are my ASMR. I could watch them all day long and I have to admit; The Fly II is one of my most favorites of the batch. It’s a brutally gory scene and just one out of many parts of the last thirty minutes of the movie that rock. The Fly looks really cool and you have to give props to the Walas and his effects team. The entire movie is soaked in comeuppance. So if you’re one of thos folks that love seeing bad people get whats theirs then this movie is right for you. Especially the ending! So go ahead and check out The Fly II. Enjoy the movie and love it for what it is. Hopefully this scene alone can encourage you to give it a try. Also, is there a guilty pleasure film that you would like to share? Action, horror, romance or whatever?

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