HMM 2018 Recap

Another year of thirty one films is completed! I’ve got to be honest, I’m exhausted beyond repair. 31 days of just watching horror movies is a big task. I think the only way to recoup would be… watching more horror films! That’s right! True horror fans don’t quit! We watch horror throughout the entire year! But before we officially end this marathon, let’s recap all thirty one films!

HMM18_FromBeyondFrom Beyond

We started strong with a Bronze Age horror classic about some crazy scientists meddling in the realms of dimensions. This HP Lovecraft adaptation is a sick and twisted movie with an amazing performance by Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton. Who would have ever thought the pineal gland held so much power in our brains!

Click here for From Beyond



We went right to a modern and very surreal action/horror acid trip film featuring a very crazed Nicolas Cage! We love this film and applaud it’s ability of cinematography and use of color. Got to love the Virtual Boy title screens!

Click here for Mandy


TheDeadlySpawnThe Deadly Spawn

Ahh, a low budget gem from the early 80’s that resembles John Carpenters The Thing remake. With that awesome theme song and over the top gore, The Deadly Spawn is a must for any sci-fi/horror fan!

Click here for The Deadly Spawn




Then we made our first stop in the Silver Age of horror with Them! The very first giant bug movie made by man’s mistakes with nuclear power!

Click here for Them!




The 90’s may have been a bad time for horror films. We saw the decline of the slasher genre diminish. But not all of them were bad and Candyman stands out as one of the best.

Click here for Candyman



TheWolfManPosThe Wolf Man

Our very first Golden Age horror film is a beloved tale of a man with a terrible curse. I’m still going crazy over how The Wolf Man is probably more than just your run of the mill monster movie! A deep look into a mans psychosis or a real monster? You be the judge.

Click here for The Wolf Man



Is it an Alien rip-off or is it it’s own film? Does it really matter? Even Alien was a rip-off of another movie. Either way, Leviathan is a great underwater movie of nightmarish proportions! But man, poor Ernie Hudson. It sucks that he goes all this way and dies within the last three minutes of the movie. It’s a shame.

Click here for Leviathan


HMM18Day1_BehindTheMaskBehind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

All evil villains have a story and we got an inside scoop of a legend in the making! We follow Leslie Vernon a cheerful man that claims to be the next great slasher. Is he legit or merely playing a practical joke?

Click here for Behind The Mask


TheRelicThe Relic

Then we went over a 90’s film that has been overlooked through the years, but deserves more credit as a genuine monster film. The Relic is a great film with lots of energy and scares.

Click here for The Relic





The Bride of Frankenstein

We return to the Golden Age of horror once more with The Bride of Frankenstein. Considered to be one of the best sequels of all time to one of the best horror films of all time!

Click here for Bride of Frankenstein




Bride of Re-Animator

Since doing Bride of Frankenstein, it only seemed appropriate to watch Bride of Re-Animator. A great sequel to Re-Animator! We follow another eccentric plot by Herbert West to bring the dead back to life!

Click here for Bride of Re-Animator




Attack The Block

Here we have a modern film with great style! We witness a crazy alien invasion take place in an English neighborhood where our hero Moses proves himself to everyone!

Click here for Attack The Block


A Nightmare On Elm Street

We took part in the entire Elm Street series! Seven films that feature our favorite slasher Freddy Krueger! Freddy dominated the silver screen during the 80’s and left us all fearing our own dreams.

Click here for the Elm Street series



DrPhibesThe Abominable Dr. Phibes

Back to the Silver Age of horror about a crazed doctor seeking revenge on those responsible for his wife’s death. Before those crappy Saw movies happened. Dr. Phibes was bringing the pain!

Click here for Dr. Phibes



BasketCasePoBasket Case

Is there anything stronger than the bond between two brothers? Especially ones hellbent on murder and pain!


Click here for Basket Case



FrankensteinsArmyPosFrankenstein’s Army

Another modern horror film that deserves more praise! A true example that practical effects are where it counts. We follow our Russian troops into the underbelly of a mad scientists works.

Click here for Frankenstein’s Army



PeopleUnderStairsThe People Under The Stairs

We follow a young boy named Fool that is stuck in a home owned by the a demented brother and sister. Their crazy white cannibals and they’re out to kill!

Click here for The People Under The Stairs



MST3KCrawlingEyeeMST3K: The Crawling Eye

Here we honor a pioneer of comical commentary! Mystery Science Theater 3000 watching The Crawling Eye is one of the best ways to experience Silver Age monster films.

Click here for MST3K: The Crawling Eye




Time to check out a real odd body horror film from the 80’s! We’re all want to be rich but do we really want that kind of life?


Click here for Society




Then we jump to modern film and check out a gore fest called Feast. This movie will truly gross anyone out but deliver a fun time!

Click here for Feast



SilverPostSilver Bullet

What kind of marathon could we have without a Stephen King film? That’s why we chose Silver Bullet, a great werewolf film with a heartfelt story.

Click here for Silver Bullet



TheRavenThe Raven

We checked out a great Golden Age movie featuring two horror giants Lugosi and Karloff! A sinister story of a man gone crazy with torture!

Click here for The Raven




We step deep into hell as we follow a sick and twisted lot of people hellbent on finding lost loved ones.

Click here for Necromentia



BadTasteBad Taste

We check out Peter Jacksons first film. Killer mutant aliens invade a small town in New Zealand! All in order to get a new an exotic food for their fast food chain.

Click here for Bad Taste




Invaders from Mars Movie Poster (1986)Invaders From Mars

Then we checked out Tobe Hooper’s sci-fi horror remake about a young boy that witnesses an alien invasion in his backyard.


Click here for Invaders From Mars


MV5BMjQwMzgzMjczOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDk2MTUxNTE@._V1_We Are Still Here

Then to a modern horror ghost film that doesn’t suck! We are still here features legendary Barbara Crampton and it’s a cool slow burn film with an epic showdown!

Click here for We Are Still Here




The Thing From Another World

Our last Silver Age film for the marathon is also one of the best of the age! The Thing From Another World is a claustrophobic film that inspired Ridley Scotts Alien.

Click here for The Thing From Another World





We feature our last Golden Age film with Frankenstein. A story of a mad scientist playing God.

Click here for Frankenstein




We travel into a surreal gore fest when five cops enter into hell and are slaughtered one by one.

Click here for Baskin




BoneTomahawkBone Tomahawk

Then we got into a period piece where western and horror is mixed together in a perfect blend. Russell is phenomenal in this film!

Click here for Bone Tomahawk



The Evil Dead

Last on for our marathon is the entire Evil Dead series. We explored the history of the original film! The pioneers that sacrificed a great deal to make a film that will forever be the most influential horror film!

Click here for The Evil Dead

Wow! What a great list of movies. I’m so proud of this marathon. It has a great mixture of all the types of horror movies. I hope everyone that read my posts enjoyed them as much as I had writing them! It’s been a great thirty one days and now it’s time to take a few days off! I hope to return within a week with some more Scenes to Be Seen and another category of movie reviews! The first will be the new Halloween sequel. I figured it would be good to review after Halloween so people have a clear mind. See everyone next year for Horror Movie Marathon 2019!

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Really enjoyed your series of posts for this year! Looking forward to that Halloween review. I’ll be seeing the film itself on saturday 😊

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    1. nscovell says:

      Thanks so much!

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  2. Kariyanine says:

    Great job. And I too enjoy The Relic.

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  3. Free Spirit Meg says:

    Hi! I found you on a “Meet and Greet” page hosted by I LOVE horror movies! Some may say a bit too much! I just completed Inktober 2018 and I chose the theme “horror movies” for all my sketches! You can check out my collection here if you’d like: Anyways, I’m really excited to start following you and see what you have in store! Nice to meet you!


    1. nscovell says:

      Thanks so much!

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