Recap 2 – I’m losing my mind

Another ten films completed in this marathon which makes for twenty overall movies! The middle weeks are always the hardest with any marathon. There is usually less views and involvement. It’s mainly because everyone is recovering after the first few weeks. They realize it’s October and then do frantic searches for horror movie reviews and recommendations. Maybe there’s a group of people at their work that talk about horror movies and they want to get in on the action. So they’re pumped to impress those people! They seek out things like top ten lists. You know the typical search routine:

  1. Top 10 Horror MoviesThe A to Make Your Halloween Spooky!
  2. Top 10 “insert streaming service name here” Horrors Films
  3. Top 10 Monster Films
  4. Top 10 Unknown Michael Myers facts
  5. Top 10 Zombie Films That Don’t Suck
  6. Top 10 gothic horror movies
  7. Top 10 Horror Directors
  8. Top 10 Horror Villains
  9. Top 10 Horror movies with ghosts
  10. Top 10 Horror movies for my stupid kids!

HOLY SLOPPY SLUG SACK! I just made a top ten list for typical “top ten horror movie searches!” I hate “Top 10” lists, it’s lists for and made by people that don’t really like the subject matter. Anyways, now going over my top ten… I mean… past ten movies.



Bride of Re-Animator

Since doing Bride of Frankenstein for day nine, why not do Bride of Re-Animator. It’s a great movie that doesn’t get a great deal of recognition. We once again follow that crazy Dr. Herbert West as he pursues is desire for bring the dead back to life but this time he’s creating a monster of many body parts!

Click Here For Bride of Re-Animator



AttackTheBlockAttack The Block

Then we went to a modern sci-fi/horror flick about this group of English punks that go to war against a pack of crazy looking beasts from outer space! We got to see our favorite hero named Moses save his neighborhood and earn the respect he’s always wanted. A true heroes journey!

Click Here for Attack The Block




A Nightmare on Elm Street – Series

My gosh we did the entire Elm Street series and what a crazy ride that was! We sliced and diced our way through eight films and literally almost went completely crazy out of the lack of sleep we experienced. Freddy Krueger is an icon and it’s always a blast to see his films.

Click Here for the Elm Street series



DrPhibesThe Abominable Dr. Phibes

Now to a Silver Age gem of revenge and creative slaughter as we follow Dr. Phibes as he kills those that wronged him. This crazy movie is a classic and one for every horror history buff.

Click For The Abominable Dr. Phibes




BasketCasePoBasket Case

Then we discovered the hardships of having a brother that happens to be a monster in Basket Case. A schlocky grindhouse 80’s film that will have you looking at strange people with big wicker baskets much differently.

Click Here for Basket Case




FrankensteinsArmyPosFrankenstein’s Army

Back to modern times with Frankenstein’s Army. A film that would make Jim Henson proud! We follow our Russian soldiers deep into the crypt of a Dr. Frankenstein as he’s working on super soldiers for the Nazi’s!

Click Here for Frankenstein’s Army




PeopleUnderStairsThe People Under The Stairs

We follow a young boy nicknamed Fool as he gets himself into a terrible predicament with a cannibalistic family! Stuck inside their house, Fool must rise to the challenge and survive!

Click Here for The People Under The Stairs




MST3K: The Crawling Eye

Then we paid tribute to the best show Mystery Science Theater 3000’s first episode and one of my favorite Silver Age films, The Crawling Eye!


Click For MST3K: The Crawling Eye





Whoever has seen 1989’s Society is probably as grossed out as I am with the last twenty minutes. We follow Billy a guy that just doesn’t feel like he belongs to the Beverly Hills elites. Well Billy, be happy you’re not one of those yuppies because they’re into some sick shit.

Click Here for Society





Then we finish off the ten with a genuine monster movie of the sickest kind! Watch Feast and enjoy the blood bath of stupid hicks out in the middle of the Nevada desert.


Click Here for Feast




Man, a great set of ten more movies for our marathon! We only have eleven more movies left. I think we’re in for a good time as our movie marathon dwindles down. We’ll follow a couple more films from the three ages of horror and throw in a couple good modern films as well. I hope everyone has enjoyed the event thus far and to see you for the rest of Horror Movie Marathon 2018!

Also, I saw the new Halloween movie last night and I have a great deal to say regarding that film. Next month I will be adding a review panel to my list and taking a more proactive approach to reviewing new horror films. As for this new Halloween film, let’s just say, I feel like Blum House proved once again their inability to make a decently well crafted horror movie. Actually, I didn’t even know this movie was Blum House until I was sitting there in the movie theater. The lights were low and we saw a bunch of movies, one of them about Escape Rooms which looked kind of familiar to the 90’s film called Cube. Then the theater went quiet and that Blum House title screen popped up. The folks sitting next to me must have thought I was having a seizure because I jerked in my chair like five thousand volts of electricity was running through my body. Overall there are some things that are good about the film and then many things that make it suck. I’ve heard it’s the best sequel by many people. I don’t know what they’re talking about… but you know what.. I don’t want to discuss this now. I’ll have review made in November for this movie that will be laced with foul criticisms and a mocking of modern crap.

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