HMM Day 13 – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Last year I accomplished a task that cost me dearly. For weeks I was seeing Jason in my dreams. He would stalk me and each time he’d always get me. No matter how fast I ran, he always caught me. But before he could strike, I would wake up. In my room sleeping in my drenched sheets. Laying there, basking in the fear. After months of psychological therapy and putting the past behind me, I have moved on from my Friday The 13th series challenge. The nightmares have ceased and I’ve even been able to stop taking that pill my doctor gave me called Hypnocil. I should be fine, I’ve had nothing but good dreams so who needs medication. Well, not really good dreams… in fact.. I don’t think I’ve had a dream for almost a year. Anyways, moving on.

This Year Will Be Different

This year I’m gonna do it again! What’s the harm that it could cause. So strap on that awesome bladed glove because it’s prime time bitch! We’re doing all the Elm Street films! That’s right, we’re paying homage to the demon of dreams and eater of children’s souls! Freddy Krueger, the infamous slasher that helped shape the Bronze Age of horror. An icon of nightmarish proportions. Seven films of pure mayhem and blood soaked terror. I’m watching them all!


You Know The Story

When the parents of Springwood Ohio take justice into their own hands, they release a fury of vengeance against a child killer named Fredrick Charles Krueger! Burning Krueger to death in his hideout, the parents diminish back to their urban lives. But acts of vengeance can be answered to with cruel and dire consequences. Freddy’s pernicious spirit lives on by haunting the dreams of the Springwood children. Using their fears against them, Freddy slays and devours their souls. Making him eternally powerful and the master of nightmares. In killing Krueger, the parents have cursed their children with something far worse.

Freddy Icon


Freddy just dominates the horror world as a legend. He’s the scariest, most merciless horror villain to ever grace the screen. A slasher that can invade your dreams and manipulate everything around you! Then killing you in your dream which kills you in the real world. How the crap does someone stay away from that?

He’s such an iconic character. The iconic red and green striped sweater. The battered brown hat and the bladed glove. The burned face that haunts your dreams! What about those catchy quips that bring a smile to our face as the teenager suffers by his hand. It’s like adding icing to a cake already packed with icing!

Everybody knows his song: “One, two Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four better lock the door. Five, six grab your crucifix. Seven, eight gonna stay up late. Nine, ten never sleep again. ” It’s a haunting song that freaks us out whenever we hear it.

I’d love to see a behind the scenes moment of Freddy preparing for his kills. I can picture it now. He’s sitting on his leather chair in front of a fire place. A glass of Pinot Noir in his hand swivels like a toilet drain and a blank notebook in front of him stares back into blank eyes. The eraser of his pencil looks like a gnawed lump of chewing gum from the frustrated and overly excessive biting. He begins to think and talk out loud to himself regarding this new girl named Jennifer he’s gunning for.

Fred’s Personal Dialogue With Himself

Fred – “I’m drawing a blank for this Jennifer chick. Man I have no good ideas and my kill deadline is approaching.”

Inner Voice – “Hey buddy, our last kill didn’t require any quick whit. It was an artistic statement with Phillip, merely playing on the visuals. You’re coming off a strong moment. It’s hard to top it.”

Fred – “Gosh, we’ll never be able to match that puppet marionette!”

Inner Voice – “Yea, we really pulled a good one there. But Jennifer, sweet Jennifer needs something great. Something to make her subconscious say “What the shit!” right before we kill her off!”

Fred – “You know this is an example of the pains that I have to deal with every single day! People just don’t understand the undertaking I take for these victims. Who is Jennifer and what makes her tick. These are things I have to think of to make a concise and to the point statement that let’s everyone know the inner beauty of my genius!”

Inner Voice – Right, we can’t merely tell a girl with anorexia that it’s time to “cut the fat” before we slice her insides out!”

Fred – “It’s just doesn’t make sense!”

Inner Voice – “Plus it’s rude! The poor girl doesn’t need to be told she needs to lose weight right before she dies. Think what those fascist justice warriors will do to us for fat shaming? We can’t handle another PR stunt like that.”

Fred – “So these things take great conceptualization.”

Inner Voice – “Right!”

Fred – “You bet your ass we’re right!”

Inner Voice – “Wait a gosh darn grandpa humping minute, Jennifer loves acting!”

Fred – “Yea so what?”

Inner Voice – “In fact, she wants to be a famous actress on TV. It’s a prime theme in her life that…”

Fred – “wait… what did you say?”

Inner Voice – “What did I say? I’m only an inner voice with no access to the memory bank.”

Fred – “The word prime? It’s perfect. Now work with me on this. How about “you’re my prime act Jen!”

Inner Voice – “NOOO that won’t work. But I like where you’re going with this. How about, “I’ll be your prime time show sweetie!”

Fred – “NO NO NO! Fred you’re being a stupid bitch!”

Inner Voice – “WAIT! THAT’S IT! I’VE GOT IT!! How about, “Welcome… to prime time bitch?”

Fred – “YES, that’s the one! I’m going with it dude! It’s genius, it’s artistic and it’s deep!”

Inner Voice – “Now let’s go in the bathroom and practice this line over and over until we get it right.”

Fred – “Sure thing. Nothing better than a productive day at work! Let’s call Jason for lunch.”

Let’s Begin

I’ve never actually met a fan of horror that doesn’t like or appreciate the Elm Street movies. I think Freddy is to horror as Batman is comic books. Everybody knows him and really gets into the character. It could be the fact that we’re all susceptible to Freddy since we sleep and have fears. So let’s begin this show! Just for the record, I will not being discussing the 2010 remake starring Jackie Haley as Krueger. That was a pile of CGI penguin vomit! If you like that film then know I declare war on you and your stupid kind and I hope your testicles produce dust so you can never reproduce and fill this planet with more idiots like yourself. LET’S DO THIS!


A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street was filmed in 1984 by Wes Craven. It stars Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp and Robert Englund as Freddy. It had a box office run of twenty five million dollars, way above it’s budget. So it makes sense for it to spawn such a massive wave of sequels.

In the peaceful town of Springwood lays a secret. While the parents drink their way into blissful ignorance and regret, the children are being terrorized. An evil demonic killer named Fred Krueger is slaying the children in their dream. After discovering her own parents dark secrets, Nancy Thompson fights to survive knowing that Freddy is always waiting in her slumber.

What can you say about this film that hasn’t already been said? It’s the first one that started a massive franchise and might be one of the top five slasher films of all time. This is the movie that really put the slasher in the more supernatural realm. Where Myers and Voorhees existed in the physical world, Freddy was on a hole new level and creating a new perspective in the terror of slashers.

It was rumored that Wes Craven meant to make Krueger a pedophile but abandoned this idea when certain events unfolded in the state of California regarding an actual child molestation story. He thought the subject matter would be too much for the public to handle and considering the events happening during the time of the release; wouldn’t be a good gesture. However we all know what Freddy truly is and it’s often implied.

This film is much darker than the others. As the years went by and the sequels rolled in, Freddy started losing this serious and shadowy demeanor. He’s really not seen with any sense of humor in this movie. The kills are brutal and meant to scare instead of impress. Everything Freddy does is meant for sheer torture and personal delight. There are no goals but just to kill “his children.”

I get the overall idea of the movie. It plays on the fears of youth. Well more like the fears older generations have regarding youth. Or kind of like the fears we instill on teens. I don’t know! It’s in that realm! Drinking, drugs and sex are parts of growing up into adulthood. All the kids that Freddy terrorizes do these things and it’s like a metaphor for their steps into sexuality and independence. It’s a movie that rolls on the “you’ll be sorry” kind of ideals, to a generation beginning to break free from traditional norms! Be afraid of thinking about sex, think only about your school work and your parents! Obey them for they know what’s best. To not do so calls the boogie man!

But the parents are hypocrites! They’re just as stupid as the kids are. They drink, curse, fool around and lie like a celebrity reading a cue card for some political commercial. They’re even worse because they’ve actually killed someone in cold blood. Did he deserve to die? Maybe, but it’s not up to them to do it and especially in the manner they did it. We live with our parents curse because they’re people just like us and we have to grow up just like they did.

ElmBA Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Released in 1986 and directed by the Jack Sholder that brought us… ugh, Wishmaster 2! That movie sucks! It stars Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Robert Rusler and (of course) Robert Englund. It grossed 30 million at the box office with a budget of 1 million.

Jesse Walsh has just moved into his new home on Elm Street. Completely unaware that it was once the home of Nancy Thompson. The lone survivor of the Springwood slasher children. Jesse soon starts having night terrors of a scarred man wearing a mask and soon realizes, this Fred Kruger is trying to possess him! Will be able to survive this psychological and terrifying monster?

So whatever preconceived ideas you knew about the first film… just throw them out the window. Other than the house belonging to Nancy Thompson and finding her journal about Freddy. Which by reading opens the terror of Freddy into Jesse’s world. Things are just a little odd. The movie makes very little sense and although it’s trying to be a different film; it just doesn’t deliver the bait for an interesting story. I think Jesse is a terrible character and is acted miserably. The kid has these stupid faces the entire film that it bugs the hell out of me.

I’ve heard the movie is an analogy of a teen coming out with his homosexuality. The creators actually deny this notion but, if you want to believe an innocent kid slits his chest open to bring forth a demonic child murderer; then be my guest. Personally I’d be more inclined to believe the film is kind of like 1941’s The Wolf Man. You can read that by clicking here. Jesse is just a psycho that think’s he’s turning into Freddy Krueger. The entire pool party massacre is just Jesse’s point of view.

I’m not saying to skip this because of all the Elm Street movies, it’s not the worst. It’s a movie that, by the end of the film; will make you say “Hmm, that was… interesting.” All I have to say is what is with the demon dogs with the victims faces? Because I actually saw those in my dream last night. I’m not kidding, they made an appearance and after seeing this it’s just kind of odd.

ElmC.jpgA Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The third installment to the Elm Street franchise was made in 1987 and directed by Chuck Russell. He also made the 1988 The Blob which kicks butt – Read Here. The film was written by Wes Craven, which is why it might be the best sequel of the group. It stars Heather Langenkamp returning as Nancy Thompson, Patricia Arquette, Cowboy Curtis, Priscilla Pointer, Craig Wasson, and Robert Englund in his third appearance as Freddy Krueger.

A young Kristen Parker is admitted into a psychiatric hospital for troubled teens after an incident with a razor blade and her wrists. Kristen and the other troubled kids at the hospital believe a boogieman is haunting them and one-by-one killing them. Little do they know that this boogieman is real! Nancy Thompson returns to help these kids from the nightmares of Freddy, but will it be too late?

Personally this is my favorite of all the Elm Street sequels and wouldn’t you know it, the drug that my doctor gave me is the same drug they want to give the kids in this movie! Well that’s makes a great deal of sense because lately I’ve been having weird dreams. I keep seeing these little girls in terrible 80’s dresses jump roping and playing hopscotch. The thing is, they’re no parents to be found? Anyways, Dream Warriors is probably most people’s favorite because it returns Freddy and the teens to that original lore that made the first one so good. Plus it has Nancy back and she’s a great connection to the old film and a new group of kids. Her character comes in wise and in charge. She understands the situation and really, is the only adult that believes the kids.

Dream Warriors expands on the legend of Krueger as well. Giving us an glimmer of insight to where Freddy came from and even a bit more as to what the parents did with the dead body. The film also gave the group of victimized teens a means in fighting Freddy. Which was one aspect from the first one I really liked. We get a group of kids that go in strong and although still get picked off easily, give Freddy a run for his money.

I love this movie and really enjoy the deaths that take place. Phillip’s death is awesome and one of the most creative moments in all the Elm Street deaths. Also, Joey has the best yet most disturbing moments in all the movies. Out of all the Dream Warriors, I feel like Joey will have the most therapy sessions afterwords. The only gripes I have with this movie is Patricia Arquette’s scream. It’s annoying and odd.

You know, I’m feeling pretty good. Last year I think I started having strange visions by movie three. But I’m going strong, but dang am I tired. I just… I just… don’t really want to sleep.

ElmDA Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Filmed in 1988 and directed by Renny Harlin and stars Lisa Wilcox, Danny Hassel and Robert Englund in his fourth appearance as Freddy.

After the Dream Warriors go on living in the aftermath of the events from Elm Street 3; Kristen is still having memories of Freddy and fears his return. Little does she know that her premonitions are correct and Freddy rises from the dead. This time to lay waste to those that defeated him, including a new child named Alice that may be the key in defeating Kruger at his own games. Can Alice rise to the occasion and carry on the name of the Dream Master, or will she perish by the hands of Krueger?

I’ve got to say, this is the film where the Elm Street movies started taking a dive in quality. The film isn’t as dark as the others and Freddy started becoming goofier. The tone of the film just seems off. I don’t like the teenagers in this film. I can’t get past the karate practice scene where Rick does his own version of what he thinks karate is. Then ends up fighting an invisible Freddy Krueger. It’s just dumb. Jock and Joey get bumped off way too easily in this. You would think they would be a little stronger fighting Freddy but they’re not. Kristen is played by a new actress and eventually passes her powers to Alice. Now, Alice would probably the last real end girl of the series.

This is an “up in the air” kind of sequel. It’s not terrible, just lacks the gritty and viscous style of the first three. Seriously, it’s really hard to get a good idea of this film. I’m just so tired and last night… last night I had this weird dream where I swear I saw Freddy. I can’t tell you much because it’s probably a regular nightmare due to all these movies I’ve seen. But Freddy told me he was going to kill me before my marathon was done.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Ok this movie sucks! Screw Elm Street 5. I hate these films, I hate Freddy Krueger… I… I’m so sorry. I’m just exhausted. Thank God for spell check. Anyways, this movie was released in 1989 and directed by some guy named Hopsaskin or something like Hopskins. It stars a bunch of kids know one cares about. Ugh, I’m losing my mind!

After defeating Krueger Alice and Dan are living a simple life together. Yet Alice is soon haunted by nightmares of Freddy once more. With a baby growing in her, Alice fears that she and her baby are in danger of the wrath of Freddy. Will the child be a portal for Freddy or will Alice rise the motherly instincts and win?

Dumb face

So Alice, she’s pregnant and boring. She keep seeing her kid in her dreams. If this is supposed to be her kid then I feel sorry for her cause this kid is ugly. Oh wait, he’s the fat kid from Jurassic Park that Allen Grant scares by telling him how a Velociraptor would spill his entrails with that giant claw. Yea, he’s even ugly in that movie!


Most of the movie is about how Freddy was conceived. I guess he was conceived by 100 maniacs although I don’t even understand how that makes any sense. It’s not like he was made out of 100 individual dudes. It took only one. He wants to possess Alice’s baby so he can… I don’t know do, something bad. It’s stupid and so is the rest of the film. I don’t even understand what’s going on and you know what. I don’t really care. Screw this movie, I need some sleep.


Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Holy crap. If Freddy is truly real then he needs to kill me because this movie blows donkey dingus! Filmed in 1991 by Rachel Talalay. She sucks, go ahead and see her IMBD. It’s a list of garbage.

You really want to know what this film is about? Ok, keep reading. Finally killing every last child of Springwood, Freddy sets his sights on victims of different towns. While scouting he discover a long lost person that he has not scene since is days of being alive. Will this person be the key to make him legend once more or will this be Freddy’s last nightmare.

It features a bunch of kids with terrible personalities and an appearance by Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold. This is a comedy and it’s sad. Why did they do this to Freddy. He’s supposed to be dark and sinister. Believe me, I know this to be true. I keep seeing the ass clown in my dreams and just the other day I got a letter in the mail that had burned letters on it. Now I can’t sleep and I can’t get any action from the wife! I look like a zombie because this lack of sleep is making me pale! At least I’m not orange with a bad toupée. I’ve got that much going for me.

ElmG.jpgWes Craven’s New Nightmare

Now everyone must read this because it’s important for my own life and yours as well! Freddy Krueger is real! Not like the movies! The movies exist but the evil from the movie is literally real. I don’t know how but my pal that works on movies died in his car crash. I saw his body and it looked like claws ripped his chest from the neck down to his stomach! I just feel so bad for his wife Heather and Dylan. She’s an actress so financially she’ll be ok. I guess she’s going through the same exact things as I am. I just pray to God she conquers this because I feel… I feel like my life depends on it.


Ok, so I thought this through and decided that yes this is technically a Freddy Krueger movie so it wouldn’t be fair to ignore it.


Freddy Vs. Jason

Filmed in 2003 by Ronny Yu and stars Monica Keena, Kelly Rowland, Jason Ritter, Chris Marquette, Lochlyn Munro and Robert Englund returning for his final appearance as Freddy Krueger.

After years of running wild, Freddy Krueger has been forgotten by the town of Springwood. But Freddy has a trick up his sleeve. Through the help of an eternal force named Jason, Freddy will instill the fear in the children of Springwood. Giving Freddy the power to return and claim the lives of the children he misses so very much.

1993’s Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday featured a very small cameo where Freddy’s claw comes out of the ground and drags Jason’s mask to the depths of hell. It was at this point that the idea that these two slashers were connected and maybe there could be a crossover movie featuring the two characters. So ten years later we get Freddy vs Jason. The movie reinvigorated the two slashers. I remember being real pumped up for this movie and thinking it would be epic. Well, I saw it and epic is not even close.

It’s kind of a dumb concept of a movie. Why would Freddy need to use Jason to make the kids afraid of him? Wouldn’t the kids be afraid of Jason instead of Fred? I guess you can say it was a movie that was made that didn’t have to be made. But if you’re in a good mood and don’t care for a good story or great acting then go ahead. It is cool when Freddy and Jason finally fight.

Finally Completed!

Man that was an event that I would like to forget! We made it through seven films and it was starting to get to me. I’m sorry if at any point, I came across as rude or fat shaming. No but really, that kid is ugly. I was just so tired and kept having dreams about Freddy and he wouldn’t go away. But my nightmares have vanished and I’m good to discuss the films some more.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is an amazing franchise. Although the films got worse in the later series; the movies are still acceptable. Well maybe not Freddy’s Dead. I just can’t get past that movie. That Sean Hunter looking kid from Boy Meets World is terrible and every death is a joke. Freddy isn’t Freddy anymore. But it was the end of the slasher era by this point. The series was drawn out and need to be done.

Thank Goodness Wes Craven returned to finish off the series with New Nightmare. It’s a great film and a perfect way to put a nail in the coffin. It’s brilliant that it’s about the actual actors being haunted by the legend of Freddy Krueger. Although I must say, Krueger looks a little odd in this film. His face and claws actually look like play dough or plastic. He’s brutal as hell, I mean that skin the cat scene is amazing and a great callback to the original 1984 movie. But the effects are just a little plastic looking at times. I’m just glad we returned Freddy to his former glory and not this dancing fool playing video games.

All-in-all it’s a better series than Friday the 13th and much better than the Halloween franchise. Not better than the original Halloween, just better in terms of all accumulating films. I think the series will go down in history as one of the best and other slashers will always use it as a means of inspiration. Krueger made Robert Englund a legend in all horror and will forever remain the one and only true Fred Krueger. That 2010 remake was a load of garbage and deserves to be irradiated from existence!

It was a grueling process but a great deal of fun and excitement. Thanks for reading this massive entry and I hope you can watch the movies as well! So ends day thirteen of Horror Movie Marathon 2018.

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  1. Savior699 says:

    Love this series,great post.


  2. Easily my favourite horror series! I know it’s not a popular choice, but I love the fifth one.

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    1. nscovell says:

      Yea the fifth one was kind of quirky and that comic book kill is hard to swallow.

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