HMM Day 12 – Attack The Block

When a teenage street gang encounter a crash landed meteorite in which contains a mysterious creature. Their hopes of fame and fortune are close at hand. However, their discovery will cost them as they soon fall prey to a pack of monstrous savage beasts from outer-space. It’s up to these adolescence to defend their neighborhood from these brutal creatures. Lead by their leader Moses, this group of young boys make ready for war and inevitable terror.

Attack the Block is a sci-fi/horror film released in May of 2011 directed by Joe Cornish and starring John Boyega, Nick Frost, Jodie Whitaker and Luke Treadaway. It was produced by Big Talk Pictures known for films like Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. The monsters were shot with partially practical effects and then given more detail in post production by a Swedish effects studio named Fido. The music was composed by Steven Price, also known for 2013’s The World’s End, Gravity and 2017’s Baby Driver. It regrettably under-performed at the box office yet gained favorable reviews from critics and winning multiple accolades… whatever that means I don’t really know. All I know is that I dig this movie. No seriously stop reading this and go watch it.

The Story

The film takes place in a made up location of South London called Brixton. I guess these areas are known as blocks or commonly called ‘council estates.’ I could be wrong, if you’re English then let me know if this is correct but a black is a title given to a residential area holding more than 10,000 people. I’m truly sorry if I’m wrong. Either way the kids refer to their neighborhood as their ‘block.’

A gang of adolescent boys lead by a kid named Moses roam the streets, stealing from strangers and trying to gain respect around the neighborhood. They use bikes as transportation and carry bats and knives as weapons. Although I don’t think any of them have ever used them on another person. While walking home from work one night Samantha Adams is held up by Moses and his crew. During they accosting  they witness a meteorite crash into a car. Moses approaches and a pale like beast comes forth and attacks him. The group kill this creature and look at it as a means of fame and fortune. However, immediately following that are dozens of other meteors crashing and emitting pitch black monsters. The things are ferocious and are for some reason after our group of kids. They invade the block and it’s up to Moses and his gang to fight them off.



We’ve seen so many monsters throughout the years. This marathon alone I’ve talked about the Deadly Spawn monster, the Kothoga, the Leviathan, the Wolf Man and even the bride. It’s very hard to come up with a creature that is both terrifying and memorable. It’s easy to be scary looking. Just go to Spirit of Halloween and check out the array of masks they have on display. But to be memorable is something completely different.

AttackBlockMonBThe monsters from Attack the Block are very memorable and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like them before. They’re these crazy black furry, four legged beasts with bio-luminescent teeth and wild three pronged claws on each paw. When I say black I mean pitch black. They don’t reflect any light whatsoever. It creates this effect where you see prickly shapes with no dimension. They have no eyes or other facial features except their mouths. It’s assumed that they visualize through smell and communicate with some sort of sonar. The sound they make is like a forest bat mixed with a dolphin and it’s kind of cool. The mouths open to reveal their glowing teeth and boy do they have teeth! When these beasts group together it’s like one big mosh pit of blackness and fangs. It’s a memorable monster and one that I think true monster fans can appreciate.

A Good Mixed Drink

attack-the-block-moses.jpgAttack The Block is a great mixed drink of sci-fi, horror, comedy and drama. The film is brutal and intense with it’s deaths so gore hounds should be happy with it. It has interesting  moments of hilarious dialogue but also has a great deal of heart.

The heart of the film dwells within this gang of kids. Society obviously see’s these kids as low-life’s and doesn’t want anything to do with them. They refer to police as if they have common run-ins with them. But through all this, Moses and the rest of the gang go through this impressive transition from being punk kids specializing in mischief and theft. To then become neighborhood heroes. The gang leader Moses played by John Boyega is the most outstanding of these character discoveries.


Moses is a figure bent on gaining notoriety on the block. He’s only fifteen years old yet he’s very strong and intimidating. Living in the shadow of the neighborhood drug dealer and notorious bad guy Hi-Hatz. Through everything, Moses becomes the main hero and saves the neighborhood. Not by means of being like Hi-Hatz, but by sacrificing himself and being a hero to his own community. It’s a beautiful depiction of the heroes journey and Boyega plays the part perfectly. All you new Star Wars fans think he’s Finn but to us cool kids, he will always be Moses!

Cult Status

If there was any movie that deserves a cult like status then Attack the Block would be it. It’s not that popular but I believe it stands out as one of the best modern style horror films. If you’re a fan of The Monster Squad, The Goonies or even Stranger Things then you would probably like this movie. The kids have some great dialogue and their interactions are believable. They harass each other like young boys yet have great friendships with each other. Some of the dialogue may seem strange and hard to understand for my fellow Americans, but it’s all about context. It could be a film that you find new things to laugh at or admire for each time you watch it. All-in-all Attack the Block is a brilliant film that’s energetic and thrilling. It’s why this is the film I’ve chosen for day twelve of Horror Movie Marathon!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    SO many people told me how much they hated this film, but I always felt it was beyond enjoyable.


    1. nscovell says:

      Yea, those people need to take their head out of their butts. It’s insanely enjoyable and the kids are hilarious.


      1. Michelle says:

        Right?! I would recommend it to people and they would bring it back and complain. I was always left wondering if we had watched the same film lol.


  2. Alex Good says:

    I remember hearing about this when it came out but then I forgot about it. I’ll take your recommendation and check it out. The trailer looks like it might be part of the vogue for “high-rise horror.” Movies like High Rise, Citadel, The Horde, etc. Sort of like the reverse of the cabin in the woods.


    1. nscovell says:

      Yea, it’s a very different style horror movie. The music alone sets it out much differently than others. It’s good to have that one film that appears different among the rest.


  3. This one seems interesting. I can also see some good actors that I recognize. I’d want to see this sometime.


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