Recap 1

My gosh the first ten days of Horror Movie Marathon 2018 went by so quick! What a great collection of movies that span the horror gamut. Let’s go back and see recap our collecting thus far!

HMM18_FromBeyondDay One – From Beyond

We dove head first into the insanity and started strong with Stuart Gordons 1986 Lovecraftian horror film! An absurd bronze age horror film that delivers! Jeffrey Combs is as awesome as always and Barbara Crampton kills it.

We discovered that other realms exist on our own and that trying to discover those realms, can come at a terrible price.

Click Here For HMM Day 1




MandyDay Two – Mandy

Things got insane in this modern action/horror film called Mandy. We got to witness Nicolas Cage going crazier than usual as he makes his way across the land seeking vengeance for the loss of his love.

Click Here for HMM Day 2



TheDeadlySpawnDay Three – The Deadly Spawn

Then we got our camping gear on and checked out 1983’s The Deadly Spawn! An awesome low budget film with some amazing gore! Our hero was Charles a kid dedicated to the proposition that horror kicks ass!

Click Here for HMM Day 3




ThemDay Four – Them!

Move over Dracula because it’s a new age and giant bugs reign supreme. That’s why we dove into the Silver Age of horror with 1954’s Them! The very first giant bug film that would launch a slew of atomically mutated creatures into the forefront of the horror genre.

Click Here for HMM Day 4



CandymanPosDay Five – Candyman

Just to show that while the slasher genre was dying out, in the late 80’s and early 90’s; not all slashers were bad. Here we have Candyman, a 1992 slasher film that makes us all fear the urban legends we remember from our childhood.

Click Here for HMM Day 5



TheWolfManPosDay Six – The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man, that 1941 Golden classic about a man cursed as a werewolf. Or is it just a twisted workings of an insane mind? I try to wrap my brain about this great film and how I have possibly been seeing it wrong for so many years.

Click Here for HMM Day 6



LeviathanDay Seven – Leviathan

Then we went deep into the unknown depths of the ocean where deep-sea mining colony is hunted down by a terrifying monster. It also features the most famous ‘black guy gets bumped off’ ending of any film.

Click Here for HMM Day 7



HMM18Day1_BehindTheMaskDay Eight – Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Get your paper and pens ready because you’re signed up Intro to Slasher 101 with your professor Leslie Vernon. This modern day mockumentary film follows our film crew as they discover the life and what it takes to be a legendary slasher icon.

Click Here for HMM Day 8


TheRelicDay Nine – The Relic

Now here we have a great monster movie from the late 90’s called The Relic. In the dark maze of a Chicago museum roams the Kothoga monster. A terrible beast that will rip you to shreds!

Click Here for HMM Day 9



BrideOfFrankDay Ten – Bride of Frankenstein

We returned to the Golden Age for the very first monster movie sequel! Bride of Frankenstein is a beautiful film with a very tragic tale.

Click Here for HMM Day 10






Wow, what a great selection of movies. We’re covering all the ages and throwing in a good 90’s and modern filmĀ  in there. I look back at these selections and feel respect for every movie. I hope everyone else can as well. I look forward for the rest of the month. See you all tomorrow.

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