Easter Eggasmo

Holy humping grandma and grandpa, wait until you pick up on this newly exposed Easter Egg in Marvels Infinity War!  You love Marvel? You love all the movies they make and Marvel knows how you love those little eggs placed in the movies that make you piss your pants! Cause you’re a hardcore fan! We all know a part from not having any valuable talents; Marvel knows that you seeing Howard the Duck  makes you as blue balled as Bill Cosby at a narcoleptic convention. Well, move the clutter from your easily entertained brains and get ready for the grand daddy of all Easter Eggs! Now pay attention.

Here is Your Grand Daddy Easter Egg!

At minute 37 and second 23, look closely when the Avengers are visiting Black Panther in Wakanda. We vaguely get a glimpse at a shot where Bruce Banner is coming up with a new prostate examination tool for the Hulk. Cause Banners scientific mind is what we’re here to see. Forget the big green guy that rips people in pieces. We get an entire movie of the most boring actor in these films! There’s a serious conversation between Captain America and Black Panther, but for a quick half second it pans to Banner in all his non-green skinned glory standing there not giving anything to the story. What we see on the prostate glove lays an Easter basket!


Yes an Easter basket! Now hold on to your scrotes because later on in the film when Iron Man is fighting Thanos; Thanos takes a quick candy break. For all of you who didn’t catch it, be glad that I’m here. I was fired from my job so I could spend my time analyzing this stuff! Look below.


That’s right, an actual Russell Stover chocolate bunny bar being held in the Infinity Gauntlet! Thanos is getting his sweet milk chocolate love on and it all points to the most obvious thing! Get ready for Infinity War 2 featuring our very own Easter bunny!


Easter Avenger

Not many of you know of the Easter Bunny but that’s ok, I’m a true fan so I will tell you because this is the only time I feel relevant. The Easter Bunny is the most powerful hero in all Marvel history. Think about it, he travels around the world and delivers eggs and candy to undeserving little children in a single morning. He’s like Santa but ten times tougher. Santa handles his business at night while everyone is sleeping. The Easter Bunny has to do his stuff Sunday morning! Who can get up that early and actually work? It takes me roughly one hour at my actual job to start the day. Santa’s mode of attack is air based while the bunny is a complete land based offense. We all know the Air Force is not even remotely as bad ass as the Army or Marines! The Easter bunny is powerful, way more powerful than Thanos. Thus we’re left to believe he will make an appearance in the next film.

Seriously now

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