IT: Chapter 2 and Re-Visit

screen20shot202016-08-1620at205-29-1420amRecently, there has been a great deal of talk about the sequel to Stephen Kings IT. Titled It: Chapter Two (very intriguing), this film catches us up thirty years after the Losers Club first encountered It. The first film was a commercial success, even winning the approval of Stephen King himself. Rumors are swiveling around and it seems that the casting of the adult versions of the Losers Club are finally being being filled. Also, shooting for the film will finally take place in July.


Bill Skarsgard will reprise his role as Pennywise, the child eating monster lurking in the sewers of the small town of Derry. Along with Jessica Chastain as Beverly, James McAvoy as Bill, Bill Hader as Richie, James Ransone as Eddie, Andy Bean as Stan and Jay Ryan as Ben.


This leaves out the role of the character Mike Hanlon and Henry Bowers.


It’s hard to say what actual tone or style this movie will take. It’s been rumored that the movie may fall more inline with the books more macro-verse and supernatural elements. Possibly the Ritual of Chud coming into play. As a fan of the book, I would love to see a Maturin reference and not just some Lego construction, pile of dirt or “oh it’s a turtle” remark. Ahh, it will probably give a big middle finger to that and just be a rehash of the first, but set in a current setting. Gosh, you know what they’ll do. They’ll probably make adult Henry Bowers into the stereotypical Trump supporter. Like he’s in some insane asylum and he has a “Make America Great Again” hat on because we all know Hollywood has to make everything political. Moving on.

Now this is where I re-visit the first film. I’m done with sequel speculation. The first film was full of overused jump scares and terror that lead to very little climax or intrigue. Pennywise would appear suddenly and the kid would run away. The IT film is odd. I’m kind of torn with it the more I’ve seen it (about five times now).

I love Pennywise, he looks amazing and Bill kills the part. He’s eerie and a good style compared to the original Tim Curry Pennywise. I think they’re both great but Bills is so much more creepier where Curry’s is funnier. I never got “funny” from the book. Pennywise eating a child’s severed arm and waving it is far more superior. However, I couldn’t stand the manifestations It took in the new film. For anyone that hasn’t read the book, It takes on fears and most of the fears it took happened to be the classic monsters. Stephen King himself said that he wanted to write a story that involved all the monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, Frankenstein and the Gillman. But we didn’t get that at all and I think I know why.


IT was made by New Line Cinema and not Universal. It just so happens the monsters Stephen King used are owned by Universal. At least the likeness. Also Universal were attempting the Dark Universe, something that bombed after the Tom Cruise Mummy film. Seriously, of all the monsters to kick that universe off in, they had to choose the Mummy!? The movie wasn’t even scary, it was an action movie! Never mind, I’m not getting into that. Yet! So it’s my opinion that they couldn’t change It into those monsters because they couldn’t use the likeness. They couldn’t even reference the names! Gosh I hate that. Watch and listen to this amazing reading and go ahead and tell me how that scene would have been amazing to see! I WANTED THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON!! They could have at the least used 80’s horror icons like Freddy or Jason. Those were both New Line characters. Could have been cool.

There are certain moments of horror that are amazing. The first scene with little Georgie encountering Pennywise is one of those scenes. But to me, it’s also it’s downfall.

GeorgieObviously this scene was the very first scene they ever shot, which is bothersome. It’s like being an artist with an insane idea for a comic book. The story is set off of one real good scene because he drew it one night while under amazing circumstances. It was thundering and lightning outside. His wife gave him sweet loving and he just found out his autistic kid made it through 5th grade. To hit the nail on the victory coffin, he’s got about one pound of meatloaf in his gut! His night is going great, so he draws and writes those first couple pages like he was the god of pencils! Then he sleeps and doesn’t come back to it for a couple days. Maybe glancing at the pages he’s done and in awe of what he see’s. Oh man this is so cool. He makes edits and it’s golden. So, on to the next part, “THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!” But as he goes on, things get cliche. Each three pages are the same as the last. Even some of the art isn’t as detailed as the first round of pages. Now he seems to be getting pages done because he’s got a jerk editor/boss emailing him things he must show. Like nostalgic 80’s stuff that 80’s people will want to see, “and heck Sam! Stranger Things is making 80’s big so we need it to be big as well! Throw in a good New Kids on The Block reference in there, even though our demographic are males; it will stick! I’m sure of it! Good, great, right-e-o! Talk to yah later Sam! Oh by the way Sam, simmer down the black character Paul, we can’t have severe displays of racism towards him.” So it’s a finished work and it gets published and AMC picks it up for nine mind-numbing seasons.

That’s just a guess but that’s probably very similar to how the movie was made. Where was I anyways? Oh yes, little Georgie meeting Pennywise.

Market.jpgThere is so much tension building to Georgies inevitable demise that it should have anyone biting at the bit. However the rest of the film didn’t follow. Let’s be honest, the movie was probably made with “market research” pushing the direction. We all know, “market research” dictates that jump scares are where it’s at. Research indicates that there are more dumb people on this planet that think being startled is the number one ticket to fear.

Really that’s my main problem with the new film and I truly wish the sequel doesn’t make the same mistakes.

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  1. Awesome post. I’m really looking forward to what they plan on doing for this second chapter. The casting sounds phenomenal to me. With just Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy in there, I’m completely sold. I do wonder how close to the source material it will be though. To top off the success of the first one is going to be a major challenge.


    1. nscovell says:

      It will be interesting. Especially with It in spider form.

      Liked by 1 person

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