Dead Alive – Lawn Mower Moshpit

Dead Alive is like Christmas morning. You wake up after getting only one hour of sleep and rage through the pile of presents. After the chaos, you’re sitting in a pile of decorative crinkled up paper, bows and toys you haven’t had a real chance to look at. Then your dad asks you “So son, what’s your favorite present of the lot?” You stare at him and then at your stuff. You can’t give him an answer because everything is new and great. This Christmas you didn’t get any clothes so you’re beyond happy. The joy is too much to give a definite answer. That’s Dead Alive. So much goodness in this film that it’s impossible to give a real answer.

Through a long process of deliberating, the lawn mower scene might stand out as the best overall moment in the film. Maybe not as funny as an ass kicking ninja priest or a zombie infant going to the park. Although, one has to love the severed zombie head being kicked around like a hockey puck. This scene is without a doubt one of the all-time-high moments in horror. You know how everyone loves the mega shooting scene in The Matrix or the battle of Stirling in Braveheart or the fencing scene in The Parent Trap? Well, this is kind of like that.

This scene inspires me deep down. When my three kids are upstairs making a mess or being loud; I’ll walk into their room and say “parties over” just like Lionel. They’re not old enough to watch it yet but I’m happy deep down. It makes me think. Man, Lionel with the gross lawn mower would make a killer Halloween costume! Anyone that identifies the getup is a friend in my book. Where can one purchase an old crappy mower from some antique store or a dump? Hmm. Now that would be a blog entry to ponder…

What’s best about that scene is how it goes on for what seems to be about four minutes. Four minutes of insane gore that never let’s up.  It may be campy but dang, this rivals Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2! Yea, I said it.

You have to admire this film and this scene will make that happen. It doesn’t require moronic slow motion shots like Resident Evil or jump scares galore. You can tell they had fun making it because they kept throwing things in to make it more and more ridiculous. But it’s also funny. Lionel is a complete mess by the end and the set is so disgusting that even a Cenobite would cringe. Not many movies do that.


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  1. good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.


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