Alien – Kane’s Death


One of my most favorite movies is Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror film Alien. Released n 1979, Alien is a film that (to this day) remains a must-see for any true fan of horror. It’s is by-far the most ripped-off sci-fi/alien-esque movies.

This scene might be the most well-known moments throughout the entire film. Next to the Aliens inner trunk-like mouth, the Chestburster is by far the scariest factor that makes the Xenomorph such a terrifying creature. Poor Kane dies in such a violently painful way that it drives nails into your brain. The reason is because the scene delivers such a great sense of tension and tension is everything in horror. Well, maybe not everything but it’s a pretty big deal.

Anyways, the scene is set up where Kane has just awoken after a period of time with the Facehugger on him. Everything seems fine and great as the crew of the¬†Nostromo¬†are enjoying a meal together. They’re all talking, telling jokes and being happy. Certainly a mood of jollity and then everything goes to hell. Truly terrifying.

Also, this was such a great spoof in Spaceballs.

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  1. Karandi says:

    It is a fantastic scene. The timing is perfect and the horror of the moment just hits home.

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