Jack Skellington

Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that will remain through the ages as a classic and well deserved spot on the “greatest” movies list. Well crafted with beautiful animation, atmosphere and tone; this movie is a one-of-a-kind flick that many movies try to rip off in style and character. I remember seeing this movie when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and loving every minute of it. I loved the macabre style and the music was amazing. Never had there been a movie that exemplified the Halloween spirit as this one, and even today; nothing does compare. I have seen this movie probably more than 50 times in my lifetime and I can quote it word for word. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

Some would argue weather or not this movie is a Halloween film or a Christmas film. I know during the month of October channels will play the movie over and over again. I noticed recently that it’s being played during the Christmas season as well. Personally, I’ve always deemed it a Halloween film because it’s about a Halloween town bringing the spirit of Halloween to Christmas and not vice versa.


Of all popular movie characters, Jack Skellington might be the most widely known and cherished of the bunch. Jack is the Pumpkin King and in recent years has become a staple in culture. Often being the face of a more non-traditional kind of living. His face is displayed in both Halloween and Christmas which is probably a one and only for any fictional character.

But I’ve noticed something about our good friend Jack! He’s not a good person. I mean at all. He’s the underlining definition of a self-seeking psychopath! Bent on his own selfish desires despite any opposition!

Let me explain.


In the beginning of the film we’re opened up with a great song (This is Halloween) that one-by-one introduces us to the many citizens of Halloween Town. The monster under the stairs, the monster under the bed, vampires, witches, the shadow in the night, a tree with dangling skeletons on it. This town is well established and obviously enjoys what they do! Especially the most redeeming person in the town known as the mayor!

Everyone is happy to the point they sing in song! They love Halloween and they love their town. They also all love and adore their leader Jack. He’s the king of Halloween and they worship the ground this boner walks on!  Even some chick named Sally has romantic feelings for him and I don’t think she’s ever talked to him before.


But with all this awesomeness going on, Jack is upset. He’s bored with Halloween and wants something new. I guess that’s not wrong. People lose a certain luster for the things they do and sometimes we need a good revival to get our blood pumping. But this jerk, this creature of great importance is such a tool. When people praise him for his work; he avoids them and tries his best to evade any recognition. Or often reacting in a jerk sarcastic manner! WAY TO GO YOU BONE DADDY JACK-OFF!!

So after he sings a song about how uninspired and bored he is with an awesome holiday. Jack remorsefully walks into the woods and soon finds portals to other holiday lands. Attracted to the Christmas door, Jack discovers the land of Christmas. Of course the leader of this town is the one and only Santa and Jack wants a piece of the pie. Like a Bernie Sanders Socialist, this moron thinks Christmas is his to have without any work or payment! Disregarding the intense labor that Santa and his elves have done to make it what it is. Oh no, Jack don’t care! Jack’s one entitled jerk.

So he steals decorations and other Christmas accessories and brings them back to his town. Oh yea, I forgot to mention everyone back home is worried sick about him, literally putting the preparation of the most important day they have on hold! All to search for this asshole! These folks are in misery at their loss. It’s called family Jack, you should start appreciating them! But he shows up and instead of caring that everyone was worried he calls a town meeting. I always thought the town mayor called meetings? Who the hell does this skeleton think he is by making decisions concerning the officiating of the town folk? You can’t establish forms of local government on the whims of some hack with a creative complex!

So the meeting takes place and Jack literally displays how much he hates Halloween and the effort of the citizens by showing them how much cooler Christmas is. That’s right, forget what you love and admire this, cause we all suck! The towns people seem ok with it all, but I think it’s them being nice to this psycho. I don’t think they all knew what Jack meant when he wanted to “do” Christmas.

So instead of preparing for next years Halloween, Jack puts all those plans on hold and completely pushes everyone’s efforts for Christmas. Whatever budget they had is out the window because it’s all going to Christmas. He’s like a cracked out politician signing for things that the town can’t afford! Oh, people try explaining things to him. The woman that loves him tries her best. He ignores her completely even though she’s some crazy Ms Cleo psychic that gets premonitions. “Forget you Sally, you can lick my pelvic bone!” is basically what he says.

Oh but worst of all, the tool bag kidnaps Santa Claus just a couple days away from Christmas. Doesn’t even really explain whats going on, and doesn’t ask for advice. Jack just thinks he can do it all! Gosh I hate him. He’s like that one guy at work we all know. Who thinks he’s the smartest and always sticks his nose in every department; thinking he can figure their crap out and making it like everyone does it wrong. They use the word “I” a great deal in any email they send out. Real tool bags. You want to avoid these people so much that when they converse with you; you turn into a caveman and don’t use actual words when talking to them. Just strange grunts in order for them to get the picture that you could give a shit about what they’re saying.


So Christmas comes and Jack is persistent to make this day all about him. When a thick fog rolls in and delays everything, Jack is sad not about Christmas being ruined but that his dreams aren’t coming true. Forget the sacrifice his town makes! He’s like John Voight from Varsity Blues. He doesn’t care about Billy Bob at all!

But things go their way for this out of control dictator and he proceeds to bring his version of Christmas to the human world. Giving kids shrunken heads, demon dolls and killer ducks. To be honest this is the best thing he’s done through the entire movie. I would love to have a shrunken head.

But the human world knows a bull shitter when they see one! They shoot this fake out of the sky and put an end to hid reign of terror. But this is where Jack completely shows how much of a psycho he really is. In anguish over his failure Jack does a few things.

  1. He blames the humans for not accepting his version of Christmas.
  2. He says he should be proud cause HE gave it all he got.

Pretty much saying it’s not his fault and in the realization of his loss; he then returns to calling himself “The Pumpkin King.” Oh I see, your attempt to do Christmas failed so you blissfully return to the default state. You don’t care about what you’ve done. You’re acting like you’re redeemed just because you suck at everything else. Like the ugly fat guy dumping his ugly fat girl and realizing she was the best thing he could get!

I’m telling you all, it’s right there and plain as the nose on my face. Jack is crazy. He’s rude, he’s selfish and he has a massive ego trip going on. The moment he returned back to Halloween town the mayor should have racked that ass up on the stoning wall and let everyone peg him with fecal matter. “Oh you think you’re the pumpkin king after all that huh? Sorry bitch that’s now my title! I’m the mayor!”

That’s right! The mayor should be the pumpkin king! I’m not wrong. Throughout the entire movie the mayor is the one that displays true spirit and love for his holiday. If I were the people of Halloween town I would bury Jack in the graveyard and let the mayor take over.

Jack is a psycho and I just proved it. Now you’ll look at this jerk in a different manner when you watch this.

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  1. Madame Vintage says:

    What a delightful treat to be had on reading this post. Believe me when I say knowing this movie word by word is only but a wondorous thing to know. A marvellous stop motion that I also proudly own a copy and a firm ‘Halloween’ spectacular viewing for moi though I like the idea it can be marked as a cross between the two festivities.

    I must say, you have made my eyes see Jack in a different way though I can’t help but agree that Jack is a ‘jerk’ for the most part of the movie though he tends to get away with it, what being a pumpkin king who is adored in his town, but i also feel empathy for him because he seems to be ‘lost’ in the ideolgies of Christmas and even the dark side of being King can cause a heavy burdurn on those bones.

    The mistreatment of Santa Claus is actually quite terryfying when one thinks about it with the creepy but wonderful singing ” kidnap mr Sandy Claws, beat him with a stick..lock him up for ninety days, see what makes him tick”.

    On that note, may you have a joyous Christmas into the New Year.

    Sincerely Sonea


  2. Kristen W. says:

    Hahaha..Jack is kind of a selfish jerk who wants it all, but I still kinda love him and this movie anyway 🙂


    1. nscovell says:

      Yea, it is one of a kind. The best are the behind the scenes footage on how they made the movie. True craftsmanship.


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