I’m a huge Stephen King fan and IT is my favorite of his novels. I’ve read it twice and I’m currently reading it a third time. Something that strikes me about this book is how friggen huge it is! It’s a monster! I find myself having muscle cramps while reading it and that’s when it struck me! This is a new work out program!


The Plug

Sick and tired of the waving flags you have for arms? Want to lose a couple pounds? Quit the gym and get yourself on the IT90X plan! It’s guaranteed to turn you from a 250 pound book nerd to a 180 pound book nerd!

What the IT90X does it applies intense pressure on your arm muscles because it’s just like holding a brick!

PutItDown.jpgFeel like eating that calorie infested sandwich? Well try doing that while holding IT in just one hand! IT90X is guaranteed to stop those cravings and bring you down to a lean size! So lean that you’ll be able to float!

So if you’re wanting to get back in that pre-children shape! Then send a money order to your local book store and jump on the IT90X plan!



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  1. Third time?!?!?!?! I’ve been reading it for the first time for the last 6 weeks or something and still trucking along. It is a monster.

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    1. nscovell says:

      lol yea it’s a big haul. I also read lord of the rings once every year

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      1. Thats awesome! I gave up during the third book of the trilogy. It just took way too long for me to read.


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