WNS 26.3 – Waxwork

WNS 26.3 AM (WNathanScovell 26.3 AM) is a new segment that will review (more like just encourages the listening to) of classic horror (or various) radio broadcasts!

Horror radio is a magnificent form of entertainment that has been pretty much erased from history. Although radio still exists it is rarely home to actual story based programming. Prairie Home Companion airs once in a while on NPR as repeats and there is a Christian broadcast I listen to with my children. But they tend to be variety or game shows. But there isn’t any actual sitcoms, mysteries, sci-fi or horror broadcasts. If there are then please someone let me know!

I was born in 1982 so radio broadcasts wasn’t really a typical form of entertainment for me growing up. Although I do remember our TV was one of those large wood paneled dresser kind of contraptions. It was a heavy thing and the screen would shut off for no apparent reason. So all you would hear was sound from the show. So I guess that was close enough. But I didn’t have the cliche radio programming set in the 30’s or 40’s.

To me this is very sad. I find listening to a story much more intriguing. Although I love cinema; it’s good to have that story told without visuals. So I wish to present certain shows I have listened to and have fallen in love with! Hopefully, people can appreciate these broadcasts and take an interest in a great and lost time in history.


haunted_honeymoon-5There is a comedy film named Haunted Honeymoon from 1986 that stars the great Gene Wilder and the even greater Gildna Radner. It’s a movie about a radio star that suffers from intense fear and is tortured by his relatives in order to cure him of his phobias. The beginning of the film has a great representation of how radio shows were done. But the rest of the film plays on the radio horror mystery tone. It may have been a bomb in the box office but something attracts me to this film. Also, I think Radner and Wilder are amazingly funny people! I miss them both.

Another movie that has a cool depiction of old radio is the 1982 film Annie. I might want to knock that red-headed singing brat in the face, but that part of the movie is really cool!


Vincent_Price_in_House_on_Haunted_Hill_(cropped).jpgToday I present Waxwork from a BBC radio program named The Price of Fear. The Price of Fear aired in the 70’s and was hosted and narrated by Vincent Price! This show featured odd thrilling and horrific stories that dabbled lightly in the macabre. Most of which features Mr. Price playing himself in the stories!

This broadcast is about a young BBC writer named Raymon that spends the night in a waxwork museum and let’s his imagination get the better of himself. It’s of course narrated by Mr Price and leaves us all in shock of the potential of the human mind! Go ahead and take 30 minutes and listen to a superb story. The way Price talks is so hypnotic and “gentleman” that it adds a dignified tone to a terrorizing story. I love the sound effects used to set the scenes. Enjoy!

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