HMM Day 29 – Child’s Play

An evil murderer named Charles Lee Ray is gunned down in a toy store, but before he dies his soul possesses a popular “Good Guy” doll named Chucky. Thereafter a mother purchases the doll for her son Andy. This “Good Guy” doll turns out to not be so good after all!

Directed in 1988 by Tom Holland and stars Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent and of course Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky. It follows a single mother that gives a possessed doll of a serial killers spirit to her little son Andy.

Now, yea the entire plot of this movie is completely insane and how can it work. I mean, it’s not like we horror fans are into some other strange kinds of villains. So let’s just go through the list of top horror movie killers shall we:

  1. We have a burn victim that kills you in your sleep. Ok, yea I get it. I’d be pretty pissed off at people burning me alive.
  2. A summer camp hockey coach that slaughters. Yes, hockey during summer camp can’t be a popular sport so I can see how it would get frustration.
  3. An obsessed William Shatner fan that kills on Halloween. Right, completely logical. Mr. Shatner is great and Halloween is being taken over by slutty women wearing moronic whorish costumes! I gotcha! Keep up the good work my man.
  4. An out of work lumberjack that lives in Texas. Hey man, when you live in a state with very little trees and mostly desert then I can see how the anger piles up. Especially with a needy family.
  5. A group of demons lead by a guy that committed suicide with a nail gun. So creating cults is bad. Especially those that think hooks and nails are a good form of sexual torture. But the costumes are amazing! But you need some followers, dead if need be.
  6. A pumpkin farmer with serious skin problems. Right, I’d be ticked off too if every year I grow all these pumpkins and every year; people buy them to just waste them. DON’T PEOPLE KNOW THAT PUMPKIN PIE IS AWESOME!?
  7. An Irish small person that loves gold. Being Irish, yea it must suck.
  8. A Mormon mortician that has a crap load of little children to do his bidding. Why do people get so mad about robbing graves, it’s not like the bodies can feel it and it’s not like they’re going anywhere!
  9. A laid off circus clown that hates children. Dude, a clown that lives in the sewer and just wants to give kids balloons? What’s so wrong with that? I’d be pissed off too if people couldn’t remember my name and just call me IT!
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And now, now we have a child’s play toy. Hmm you know what, screw it! I think that’s awesome! I mean, you can throw me a little house pet that multiplies when pissed on and then turns into a monster and I’m still loving it! You think a killer that possesses a child’s toy is going to make me throw in the towel and say “I’m done.” Hell no! I didn’t give up on puppets with knives for hands and a drill for a head and I’m not giving up now. Child’s Play rules! Bring it on Hollywood!

To be honest, I actually do love the first Child’s Play movie. It’s an original idea (although I’m sure Twilight Zone did something similiar) and if you think about it; it’s really an ingenious thing. Think about when this movie was released. My Buddy dolls were very popular. Probably the most popular toy through the late 80’s. Cabbage Patch kids dominated all over the place, with those beady little eyes and chunky cheeks. What child in the 80’s didn’t demand one of those for Christmas?

My Buddy was all over the place. It even had a terribly awesome commercial that I can sing word-for-word!


So with the popularity of My Buddy and other toys very similar to it. It only makes sense that Child’s Play would become a successful film. I think the fear of children’s toys is a very real thing. Dolls are kind of creepy and I would freak out if one actually moved in front of me.

Despite the cheesiness of the plot, Child’s Play is still a haunting nail biting movie. Brad Dourif’s voice is great. He sounds menacing and makes the doll believable. They actually did a good job with the puppet and in the scenes where someone is being attack are real intense. It’s interesting how you experience terror and all at the hands of a doll! Chucky is small so he can hide and remain hidden. You never know where he is and when he’s going to strike. It’s Horror Death Scene 101.

I love the Child’s Play movie and even though the sequels are kind of bad, the first one will remain a great flick. Chucky would later go down in infamy with a crap load of sequels. Though I think those are kind of lame. But the first is great.


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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Totally agree with you. This first movie was really great and quite scary. The sequels just got more silly with every part that was released for it. (Don’t even get me started on the Seed of Chucky). This one though was a great concept, and pretty good special effects especially when you consider this movie was released quite a while ago. As always: great post! 😀

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