HMM 26 – Don’t Kill It

A demon is unleashed on a town that possesses one victim after another. Creating an insane massacre. Only one man, a demon hunter known as Jebediah Woodley knows how to stop it.

Don’t Kill It is a horror comedy filmed in 2016. Directed by Mike Mendez and stars Dolph Lundgren and Kristine Klebe. It features a demon hunter named Jebediah Woodley that is hunting down a real nasty demon that is slaughtering it’s way through a small town.


I recently discovered this movie on Netflix and I have to say, I was thoroughly entertained. The movie has great tone, it’s well paced and has surprisingly well timed comedy.  It’s also really violent and loads of fun! Any fan of 80’s horror should feel right at home with this one. Right from the start Don’t Kill It has a really intense intro that made me wonder if the film was really a comedy. But like I said it’s well-timed comedy.

To be honest, I found it appealing that the comedy and horror was never at odds with each other. That was one gripe I had about the movie IT. Don’t Kill It doesn’t do this, there is a great balance between the two. Terrible things happen and it’s never given what I call the “Mark Antony Effect.” Meaning the last thing you saw was forgotten because of another part or line in the film. Even when the two mix (like the town hall scene) I thought it was appropriate that the horror was always more important than the comedy. Where as in a movie like The Babysitter, where it is very obvious to be the reverse.

Ode to Walker Texas Ranger

Jebediah is a great antagonist. He’s kind of a demon fighting Walker Texas Ranger with a good sense of humor but without the skull splitting roundhouse kick. Do be honest, I was quite surprised at Dolph Lundgren in this film. I thought he pulled the part of flawlessly. I felt connected to him as the protagonist. Although there isn’t a great deal character development with him; I think that was cool because it helped focus on the story. He wasn’t some cliche over-arching story line. You accept his character “as is.” He has no “inner-demons” or some annoying flashbacks. He’s just fighting demons and obviously he’s been doing it for a quite some time. He’s a mysterious hero and it’s kind of cool.

I love the scene where he is describing other kinds of demons he hunts. It’s like a demon 101 checklist with short clips of each demon in action. It’s the one point of the film that kind of opens up a world bigger than the one you’re in. But that’s all there is of it. It’s a great checklist that I think alludes to possible sequels (at least I hope that’s what they’re meant for).

You looking at me?

Don’t Kill It has some real good scenes where people are just getting jacked up. The demon itself is quite dangerous. Unlike The Exorcist that changes physical appearance this one is more of a task master. This demon possesses it’s victims and then literally kills anyone it sees. But when that possessed is killed, the demon automatically goes into the person that killed him. It’s this insane domino effect that at one point creates the best scene in the entire film. However this scene does kind of bring a climax to the carnage because it’s so good that it’s very difficult to top it. It’s like the queen Alien in Aliens making her appearance within the first half of the film.

Wow, another modern horror film on my list. There must be something in the air because I’ve done quite a few of them this year. I must say that I have been noticing an over-abundance of comedy horror recently. Although I have no problem with comedy horror; I do see it as a looming problem. Movies like The Void, The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Necromentia seem to be the minority. Maybe those kinds of films are for true hardcore horror fans? Maybe not. But the comedy is growing a great deal. It’s concerning because as comedy horror grows, it will eventually get out of hand and become nonsense. With all this mumbo jumbo I’m spewing, I must say that a film like Don’t Kill It should stand as an example as to how horror films should approach the comedy aspect of their films. This is why the movie works. It’s funny but still adventurous in it’s horror and gore.

I love Don’t Kill It and hope everyone can see it and love it to.

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  1. savior699 says:

    This one was surprisingly good. I can see why some wouldn’t like it, but it’s a throw back to when movies were simply fun which is missing in todays world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      Yea, it looked like they actually enjoyed making the movie.


      1. savior699 says:

        I always hate seeing a movie and you can just tell they are going through the motions to get the movie done. Gallow walkers with Wesley Snipes was like that. The movie was bad and they all seemed to just hate being there.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Haven’t seen this one, but as it stars Dolph Lundgren who is just awesome, I truly want to check this one out 😀Another great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nscovell says:

      Yea, I was very surprised by it. Maybe a couple flaws in some characters. Some unanswered stuff happens. But it’s surprisingly good.

      Liked by 1 person

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