Recap 2

Another ten films in the bag! I think watching so many horror films is starting to get to me. The other day my wife startled me and I peed my pants. It sounds funny to you but I was wearing her pants! I don’t think they’ll ever smell the same! She still hasn’t talked about the incident.


TAOJD-GALLERY06-650x370Anyways, I think we’re going on a good streak. We jumped right in with a great modern horror film from 2016. One that is certainly a good indicator that horror is far from dead. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a horror mystery for anyone that is looking for well-crafted horror with a certain detective kind of aspect.

Read HMM Day 11 – The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

Day two we watched Carrie. A great movie about a girl I think we can all say needs a vacation.

Read HMM Day 12 – Carrie

friday-the-13th-2-burlapThings got a little odd on Friday the 13th and I still don’t know what happened to me. I remember something about Jason Voorhees playing Solitaire with a less drunk Lindsay Lohan and them going on an adventure to kill the kid from The Wonder Years. I don’t know but all I know is there are a heck load of Friday the 13th films and I would advise you all to never try a full marathon.

Read HMM Day 13 – Friday The 13th

So after my trip to the psychologist, he brought me back to a state of sanity but uncovered my deep seeded fear of spiders! So to fuel that fear I watched Arachnophobia. A comical creature feature about a remote town invaded by a venomous spiders!

Read HMM Day 14 – Arachnophobia

IMG_2056After that we went to the 80’s and watched a great family friendly Christmas movie titled Gremlins. Make sure you show your young kids this film because it’s very tame and a delight for the festive season.

Read HMM Day 15 – Gremlins

maxresdefault1.jpgOh man, then I got real deep with George A Romero’s third installment of Day Of The Dead! Finally the day of the zombies reign is at hand. A new kind of human is taking over while the violent selfish old humans are dying away by their own hand.

Read HMM Day 16 – Day of The Dead

Right after we went to the silver age of horror and watched Fiend Without A Face. Some would consider it the inspirational point in horror that spawned an entirely new and bold style of horror. All I know is that with great time and effort exploding brains are an amazing thing.

Read HMM Day 17 – Fiend Without A Face

tumblr_ohdanbKXKe1ut1d6co1_500But then we went into an over looked fairy tale horror film titled The Hallow.

“If you trespass upon them they’ll trespass upon you.”

Just remember that the next time you step into the woods.

Read HMM Day 18 – The Hallow

But let’s be honest. What’s a good horror marathon without a terribly awesome horror film. That’s why we went deep into the fixtures of schlocky hell and found Abominable. A simply wonderful horror film about a bigfoot terrorizing a group of ladies. Personally I always thought he was just looking to be a cuddle bug. I’d spoon with bigfoot!

Read HMM Day 19 – Abominable

ghostfaceAnd then ended our 10 off with Scream. A 90’s film that may not seem as much today but is historically a huge success that reestablished the slasher genre! It may not be the biggest cup of tea for modern horror fans but anyone that denies it’s importance to the genre is a moron.

Read HMM Day 20 – Scream

So there we have it! Another ten films of the month that I believe to make a great time of movie watching.


Anyone that wants to see the first ten movies then check out Horror Movie Marathons – First Recap. With this new set and the first, this makes twenty individual horror films! What a ride! Some from the golden, silver, bronze and modern age of horror. I try to cover the ages of horror as much as I can because history is important. I believe with this knowledge someone can be a truly adept horror fan. So, it’s been fun.

But things are done yet! We still have 11 more films to go and things should be heating up in the final stretch. So stay tuned and I hope you look forward to our last batch of horror goodness.


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  1. I reviewed a lot of these selection in previous year horror marathons. However, I’ve read this post like 3 years too late…I already did the whole Friday the 13th marathon throughout October. It did feel a little crazy at the end of it all. Day of the Dead is on my list also which has yet to be watched. Great selections 🙂

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