Recap of first 10

Wow, we’ve gone through ten days of horror movies! What a great first set of films for the month of October.

We started with James Cameron’s mega sequel Aliens. A great entry film that I believe is a breathe of fresh air in the age of slasher films. What can be better than the Xenomorph? A QUEEN XENORMORPH! It’s a terrifying war-bound horror adventure film that might be one of the best sequels ever made!

Read HMM Day 1 – Aliens

An over protective mother fighting another over protective mother. It’s like getting off the monorail at Disney World.

What is a horror marathon without our beloved zombies? That’s why on day two, we went into the comical zombie film Return Of The Living Dead. An 80’s camp fest of awesomeness! Just think of this movie when a zombie is munching on your brains people! By the way, this isn’t the only zombie film on the list this year.

Read HMM Day 2 – Return of The Living Dead


Then on day three, we brought ourselves to modern times and reviewed the new Stephen King IT adaptation. Such an awesome movie in a time of uncertainty in modern horror. I hope you all like some Stephen King because as a mega King fan myself, I’ll be touching base with some IT insights throughout the year. I get kind of in depth with his books so stay tuned.

Read HMM Day 3 – IT (2017)

Day four we did An American Werewolf In London. A movie that debatably might still hold the title for greatest werewolf film ever. With insane practical effects and a comical storyline, this film is always a good time to watch.

Read HMM Day 4 – An American Werewolf in London

Moving on to day five, Tales of Halloween. An anthology film that deserves to be in the rankings of Trick r’ Treat, Creepshow and VHS. With it’s ten awesome short stories that have their own plots; Tales of Halloween will pertain to a wide spectrum of horror fans.

Read HMM Day 5 – Tales Of Halloween

v1Then on day six, we went back to the golden age of horror with Dr. Cyclops. A sci-fi horror flick about a deranged scientist that will kill in the name of scientific research.

HMM Day 6 – Dr. Cyclops

And on the seventh day we rested. Nope, on day seven we did The Funhouse as a tribute to the late Tobe Hooper. The man that made us all afraid of driving through Texas and the simple sound of a chainsaw engine.

Read HMM Day 7 – The Funhouse

Then on to day eight we went over a modern Lovecraftian film named The Void. A gory mysterious horror movie that breaths Carptenter, Barker and Lovecraft.

Read HMM Day 8 – The Void

j8Day nine brought us a classical gold movie titled Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde from 1931. This monsterous film is still the best adaptation of this classic tale. With it’s amazing effects in the transformation scene to it’s boldness behind the evil of Mr. Hyde. Only true fans of horror can appreciate this one.

Read HMM Day 9 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

phantasm2_2And then we have day ten with Phantasm II. An underappreciated horror film and we can all appreciate. With it’s gruesome death scenes and it’s dominating Tall Man. No marathon should go without this movie.

Read HMM Day 10 – Phantasm II

So there are the first ten films of the month. I hope everyone that has read these can appreciate the films for what they are. Like I’ve said, I’m not a writer nor am I critic. I for one believe these are amazing horror films and I have a deep fondness for each and every one!

I think our second group of films will be a great time. You all know what’s coming on the 13th! Maybe we’ll throw in an in theaters films. I don’t know, it depends on how crappy the Groundhog Day horror film turns out. I won’t do Jigsaw because every Saw movie is crap. So enjoy the next ten films and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

One last thing, does anyone know of a girl named Jane on WordPress? She’s some follower of mine. I see she reads every post but she never comments. What’s her deal. She’s a real stiff!

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