HMM Day 8 – The Void

Cult-like figures surround a small hospital while the victims inside experience pure evil of the most unknown and dark realms. A diabolical plot of magnificent magnitude is underway and the slaughter will be the sacrificial offering.

Directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie, The Void maintains the usage of basic visual effects that bring us back to the bronze age of horror (70’s to 80’s). It doesn’t rely on quick startles and mass usage of CGI. Scenes have great build up throughout the film and always a sense of doom. The Void is extremely graphic and delight to any horror fan. Imagine if John Carpenter, HP Lovecraft and Clive Barker got together to make a jacked up film, then you would have The Void.

the-voidI discovered this movie in early 2017 and was instantly impressed. The plot was a little choppy, maybe lacking some continuity at times but what I loved was it’s fear of the unknown and complete dedication to creating horrific imagery. Yea. the movie isn’t perfect but it’s a breathe of fresh air in this modern era of horror. Like many Lovecraftian films the movie pursues this idea that things are happening and our small selves mean very little to the vastness of evil taking over. For anyone that is a fan of the 80’s horror movies like Halloween 2, Hellraiser or The Thing then this movie is right up your alley. Kind of like a monster mash of horror of psychological horror, monster horror, cult horror and zombie horror.

the-void-creature.jpgParts of the film maintain a good sense of horror without actually showing anything dreadful. When Dr. Powell is talking to a strapped down Allison; his voice is so deep and eerily menacing. Really nothing insane is happening, but I found myself feeling a broad sense of terror. You listen to every word he says and just feel the terror. Even the hooded cult members are freaky in their silent coldness.

But then again it’s full of intense gory scenes with monsters you only see in your nightmares. Everything is “unknown.” Meaning you have no clue why people are ripping their faces off or why a monster appears. It might seem kind of lost in translation, but like I said the movie plays on the Lovecraftian nameless terror.


I love horror stories without a clear picture at times. Nothing unfolds or offers resolution. You’re guess for what’s going on is as good as the lead character. Mystery is a great asset for horror films. We don’t know why Michael Myers kills. We don’t know why Leatherface skins people and wears their face. It’s a mystery and like children we’re intrigued! In The Void they have no clue what’s going on so they react without knowing the ends. Isn’t that what a good movie actually does?

The atmosphere of the film is dark, hellish and a cluster of homage to horror icons. The beginning of the film channels John Carpenters The Thing and Halloween 2. The scene where Daniel journeys into the basement and encounters reanimated cult followers is pure horror in every sense. This is the part of the film where the homage to Hellraiser.

I really enjoyed this movie. I was actually freaked out during the movie and I was filled with tons of questions at the end and very little hope of good triumphing over evil. That’s an awesome feeling and it makes me want to watch this movie over and over again.

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I bought this film a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t yet gotten around to seeing it yet. After reading this though, I think I’m going to push this film up in my list of priorities. The Thing is one of my alltime favorites, and this one sounds like a terrific watch, that has certainly got a couple of things in common with that one. Great review! 😀


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