HMM Day 5 – Tales Of Halloween

Tales of Halloween is a anthology film comprised of ten (yes ten) individual stories, written and directed by eleven directors that call themselves the “October Society.” I don’t know what “October Society” really means. It could be a cult, it could be a metaphor. Maybe it’s a osiris shriners kind of thing. Or maybe they’re going to return to make more of these style films. If so then that would be perfectly fine by me because this movie is awesome.

Each story is unique, all with their own plot but all taking place on Halloween night set in one lone town. If you love the movies like Trick r’ Treat or Creepshow then this movie is a perfect addition to your horror movie marathon.


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Each tale is relatively short-lived. Making “Tales” fast paced and yet hard for some of the plots to catch ground. Generally that is an issue with most anthology films, especially those with so many tales like this one. Unlike Trick r’ Treat that has only a handful of stories and all successfully fluently revolve around each other.


Tales Of Halloween doesn’t do this. Each story is it’s own vehicle. Some of the vehicles are fast and some are slower. Some are clown cars and some are hearses. However each is enjoyable and the diverse vehicle range makes it interesting. Similar to The ABC’s of Death. “Tales” ranges from gory, campy, unknown, to downright comical. I never felt like I was bored throughout the entire movie and I was left hoping some of the films could have been full-length features. I guess it can be seen as a blessing and a curse. All anthology films see this.

maxresdefaultJust a side note about The ABC’s Of Death. One stop animation feature in the film titled “T is for Toilet” was created by Lee Hardcastle. It happens to be the best one of the movie. Hardcastle is a great animator that does phenomenal work. He took his “T is for Toilet” short story and turned it into a larger scale sequel film titled “Ghost Burger.” It’s a great project and any horror fan that appreciates stop animation will find this very appealing.

W.C. Fields

“Trick” is an extremely brutal story that resembles 2008’s The Strangers. “The Night Billy Raised Hell” is funny because of Barry Bostwick playing the devil. He resembles W.C. Fields, and presents himself as a creepy scam artist in a top hat but he’ll sleep with your mom just for the glory of calling you “son.” “Friday The 31st” pays homage to the Friday the 13th and Evil Dead series and happens to be the funniest and favorite of the ten. “Bad Seed” finalizes the series off in true horror absurdity. I’ve always thought it would be cool to see a killer pumpkin eating a mans head and now I know.


TheFog.1980TheatricalPosterYou’ve got to love the Easter eggs of this film. Adrienne Bareau hosts as a radio DJ. For those that don’t know it, she’s in John Carpenter 1980’s The Fog. There she plays a radio DJ in a lighthouse. Now, here she is doing the same thing! It was great seeing that in the very beginning of the film. Kind of warmed my heart to see a homage to a overlooked horror film. The entire town has all these bad things happening on Halloween and she’s in some way witnessing everything. Maybe even the one making these events happen perhaps?

You notice little things in the film like portions of Night Of The Living Dead being played in the background or Adrienne Curry wearing Princess Lili’s evil dress from the movie Legend. Even some of the characters in certain stories make appearances in other ones. It’s those types of little details that make a movie fun. What are some things you found?

Tales of Halloween is a great film and loads of fun for that Halloween horror marathon. Carve some pumpkins, drink some beer, turn off the lights and watch Tales of Halloween.

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  1. Its great to see love for Tales of Halloween. I saw this one at the world premiere at Fantasia Film Festival. I always wondered if it was the hype of the festival that made me love this one so much but thinking back now, I can still remember so many of the stories and still like and love a ton of them. Great review! 🙂

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  2. nscovell says:

    Oh man, I would have loved to see this movie in the theater. It comes with the territory of the genre to not see them in theaters. I didn’t get to see Trick r’ Treat, Frankensteins Army or VHS in a theater either.


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