HMM Day 2 – Return of The Living Dead

When you think of zombies, what are some things that come to mind? Here’s a list.

  1. They’re dead
  2. They’re walking
  3. They’re hungry


It’s that simple, so next time you see someone with at least two of these three symptoms then make sure you run cause that person is no doubt a zombie. Now that we have that established here’s one last question. What do zombies eat? If you answered with brains then you can thank Return of The Living Dead for that. This is the movie that established the idea that zombies eat brains. Now you can go tell everyone because it’s a cool fact.

Return of The Living Dead is actually not in the same universe as Night Of The Living Dead. John A. Russo and George Romero were the two writers/directors of the classic Night of The Living Dead. Shortly after they completed the film they both disbanded due to disagreements on the movies direction. Russo held the rights to the “Living Dead” title and Romero was allowed to make other zombie films like Dawn of The Dead and Day of The Dead. Romero went on to build his legacy and establish an entirely new era of horror films, chiseling his name as a horror icon. Russo then wrote the novel Return of The Living Dead. Although the five Romero series are the favorite; any true zombie fan should love Return.


Return of The Living Dead is set in a universe where Night of The Living Dead is a fictional film. It only exists as a movie. But maybe a movie based on some truths.

Brace yourself. Two warehouse attendants named Frank and Freddie release a toxic gas in a warehouse. The gas awakens a cadaver in a freezer which tries to kill them.  Frank and Freddie try to destroy the cadaver with the help of their boss Burt. They take the body to a local mortuary and burn the body. The smoke of the body mixes with rain and soon awakens the dead! Yea, it’s a hilarious concept of a movie but it’s fabulous.

Frank, Freddie and Burt

Return of The Living Dead is comical and doesn’t take itself all too serious like the Romero films. Some of the dialogue is absurd and everyone’s character seems to be exaggerated are absolutely over-the-top characters. What I love about the the film are the zombies. They’re not mindless drones. They poccess cognitive skills and can’t be killed with a gun shot to the brain. Their pretty indestructible and only feed on brains to quench the pain of being dead.

Here is one of my most favorite scenes which pretty much explains everything.

Zombie films are literally a dime a dozen and Return of The Living Dead is one of the best. With so many zombie movies out there Return is a hilarious breathe of fresh air during the Halloween season. Make sure put this on your list.

Also, the theme song to this movie is completely awesome.

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