Haunt – Scary Clown

We have a group of douche bag teenagers that are in search of an extreme haunted house during the Halloween season. Already I want them all to die. Twenty bucks that the group has one serious girl, a slut, a tough gal, a fat gay guy and one minority! Because, you know… inclusion. They end up getting more than they bargained for as a group of masked killers seek and murder each one of them.

Underwater – Return of Tank Girl

What we follow is an underwater research center that goes through an earthquake. Thus leaving the crew stranded at the ocean floor. As they make arrangements for escape, the crew discovers something sinister outside of the underwater refuge.

Army of Darkness – Got My Vote

I had to write this because I was recently feeling real down and Army of Darkness gave me some encouragement. Have you ever had a terrible day? Just one of those days where it seems everything that could go wrong will go wrong. The majestic stars are not lining up right and instead, taking a…

The Struggle

Traipsing through the onslaught of crap often ends with me jabbing a pencil in my ball sack just to alleviate the nausea and pain.